Friends. What on this good earth would we do without our friends? 

How about the below text from “Frostbite Frank”!

“Seeing close friends unexpectedly in a meeting is like discovering the Christmas present you never expected to get – The one that was so special and so far out of reach that it wasn’t even in your mind, but suddenly, here it is!”

Frank you leave us speechless! What kind words. 

Tom and Ginny shared with us the below photo. We gave them some BOGO Subway “coupons”.

“Ginny” I texted “What is BOGO?” Neither Patti nor I have a clue in a carload!

BOGO .. Buy One Get One .. Too funny Ginny.

Yesterday I got a call from a friend down in Texas! “Kap (to my friends from India I am Baba Kap) I just lost my job and I wanted to hear your voice!” Both Patti and I visited with him awhile. He is in the VERY High Tech field of endeavor and this goes with his line of work. He’s amazing and I have no doubt he’ll come through this current life crisis. To support our friends is essential to our own well being.

Gullible? Where hast thou disappeared to?

– – – – – – – –

The dotnet Streak.

September the 21st 2022, I did not publish a Post here on dotnet. Beginning eight months ago on September the 22nd 2022, I have not missed one day. If I manage to get through May, that will be eight full months of daily posts. 

At least part of such a streak is 100 % pure luck.

Internet WiFi is essential. Good health is essential. Good mental health is essential (Read : My mind saying to me “Why bother”, I have nothing to say, nothing to offer, no one cares anyway, etc etc blah blah!).

This is where great friends like YOU come to my rescue by simply saying “I care!”

A week ago, when I sat down here at our laptop, I did NOT, and for awhile, I could NOT get internet WiFi. When all else fails : Completely shut down your device. Let it sit a few minutes. Then re-start it. This bit of experience saved the streak a week ago.

While on the road traveling (Motel 6 in Phoenix leaps to mind) there have been some “close calls” with NO internet WiFi in our room. Physically going into the Front Office saved the day more than once.

More days than I can recall The Streak kept me going. When I was just two months into The Streak, I decided that I would NOT deliberately “decide not to publish a Post”. When it ends, it will be for a legitimate reason beyond my control. When it ends, there will never again be such a long streak.

– – – – – – – –

Fun with “numbers”. Three smart phone “nice numbers”.

I also find them on the clock in our bedroom.

Yep. The Dinkey Bird IS singing in the Amfalula Tree.

Cap and Patti

6 thoughts on “MAY 22, 23 .. GOD’S GRACE GIVES US FRIENDS ..

  1. Robert94596

    An “almost” number is tomorrow’s date of 23-5-23. Because leaving this evening at 8pm non-stop to Zurich, by then we will be first in Switzerland and then Austria to tour the Alps! Back the beginning of June.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I’ll look for it but where would 23-5-23 show up on a clock or smart phone? 23:23 on May 23 tomorrow night would do it. Have a great trip you two. We wish you both safe travels in all aspects, physically and health wise. Cap and Patti

  2. Gullible

    While that Dinkey bird is singing in your tree, Gullible is out cleaning up litter along the highway. And also watching Iam Tongi win American Idol, for which Gullible is very grateful because there is a soundtrack loop in her head of his songs.

    So, as to litter, five-and-a-half miles so far and trying to make it six today. Bye, litter is calling my name.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      You sure do great work Gullible on the litter. We were happy that Patti got to talk with you this Monday evening. Patti and Cap

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