MAY 25, 23 .. Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 .. 3 Hours 5 Minutes 31 Seconds .. CALL TO BLOGSPOT

The Publishing Date of this Post is MAY 25, 23.

This Post is about MAY 24, 23.

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In my Post yesterday, I wrote the following words..

Here was my plan for Tuesday, May the 23rd : Over on blogspot, I planned to write and publish Part 3 of the 3 Part series of Posts showing the last of the photographs that Patti and I snapped on Mother’s Day, a week ago this past Sunday, May the 14th.

I spent the required several hours to get the photos in order and downloaded. 

Then? In my eleven years of doing these web-logs (blogs) I have, from time to time, run into issues with Google and its Blogspot. For the life of me, for at least an hour (off and on again and off again) I tried to upload the photos into my Google Blogspot website with absolutely no luck whatsoever. 

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Again .. This Post is about..

Wednesday, May the 24th 2023

What to do about the above issue with blogspot? 

First I spent several (no kidding) hours researching how to get assistance online from Google about the fact (this is still a fact at 11:41pm, Wednesday the 24th) that I remain totally unable to download my own photographs from my computer downloads folder into my blogspot website. Finally I decided, again after several hours trying to get Google assistance at many internet websites such as etc, I had only one option. Call Google. It took practically “An Act of God” for me to find a telephone number to call Google.

For Three (3) Hours, Five (5) Minutes and Thirty One (31) Seconds, I was “On Hold” listening to music that at least let me know I was still connected.

YOU call Google .. (650 – 253 – 0000 ) and see for yourself.

Patti said to me that being on hold for this long IS very stressful. First you suddenly don’t have a life. Yes, yes, yes you can do some multi-tasking but you don’t want to miss the answer when, and IF, it comes. You don’t want to “Get Dropped” which is highly possible holding for over three hours!

At 1:40pm (1340 hours) “Bush” answered. “This is the Main Switchboard of Google, how may I assist you?” 

“Bush, IF we get dropped can you, will you call me back?” .. “Yes Sir how may I assist you?”

Long LONG Story Short : After about five minutes during which I explained who I was and why I was calling etc, “Bush” told me that he could not assist me because The Google Corporation does not employ any (problem solver) people who will assist callers such as myself. 

Yes indeed, with absolutely no success, “Bush” put me “On Hold” several times trying to get me some assistance from a “live person”.

What to do? Where to turn for assistance? I have no answers.

You want a “Bummer”. You just read about a BUMMER!

Attention Gullible! IF you have any thoughts or suggestions about this issue, I will be more than happy to entertain them.

– – – – – – – –

Wednesday, May the 24th 2023

Dawn broke “Chilly with rain”.

Because of the above Google experience, our day actually began about 2pm (1400 hours).

The “Sun Came Out” in the late afternoon.

We took a walk to Sitka Street Park. Our Local Park always seems to be a happy place for Patti and me.

Then it “Clouded Up”.

– – – – – – – –

Our evening from 6pm to 10pm. James Holzhauer won the Jeopardy Masters Tournament and $500,000. Mattea Roach was a very close 2nd and Matt Amodio was 3rd. Yam Yam was The Sole Survivor in the season 44 Finale of Survivor.

For now that’s all folks.

Cap and Patti

5 thoughts on “MAY 25, 23 .. Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 .. 3 Hours 5 Minutes 31 Seconds .. CALL TO BLOGSPOT

  1. Gullible

    Cap, I occasionally have photo uploading or other problems, too, especially with Blogspot. Usually I walk away and wait for things to start behaving themselves.

    Google won’t/can’t help you. Geek Squad, to which you subscribe, might be able to and is probably your first step.

  2. Gullible

    Remember: Rebooting your computer usually solves a lot of problems. Also, having Geek Squad tune it up occasionally helps.

    1. Cap Chastain

      The problem is Google. Rebooting won’t help with an internal Google issue BUT I have rebooted several dozen times. I can sign into my blogspot site just fine. I can write text on my blogspot site just fine. For 11 years and over 1,000 posts I have uploaded photos just fine. You are correct. Time may solve it. Thanks for your support Gullible. Cap

      1. Gullible

        But how can you be certain it’s the fault of Google! There are many things that prevent photo uploading. File size, internet speed, quirks on your computer, etc., none of which are Google’s fault.

        I suggest you have theGeekSquad do a tune up.

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