Kit, “It Made Our Day” when you texted us your below “Screenshot” ..

Saying in your text .. “Look at the time.”

You are now only the second one of our followers to “Pick Up On A Number”. 

Again Kit! It Made Our Day! To know you are “Hip To Our Number Trip”!

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Then .. 

You followed up with the below photos for us to share with our followers.

Indian Relay Races.

What is the Native American horse relay race?

Indian Relay Racing is a way for teams to compete for cash and prizes. Teams consist of one rider, three horses, two holders and a mugger. The race starts in front of the grandstands, with a standing start. Racers make one lap around the track, changing horses twice in front of the grandstands.

Google search to-my-rescue!

The below is but one link out of many links available on line to check-out.

The below descriptions come from the above link.

Horse Nations Indian Relay.

The Horse Nations Indian Relay Council is bringing together the Horse Nations of the Plains in a team event of speed, courage, and skill.

Leading riders and teams from seven different Nations covering ID, MT, ND, SD, WA, OR, AZ, WY and Canada display their skills and daring as they battle it out on the race track. Five determined teams consisting of three horses, one rider, one mugger and two holders, enter the track, each taking their designated box to start the race. Months of practicing breeds confidence that they will bring home the honors. Fifteen horses are primed for the start of the race, ready to leap into the action and glory of the race. The holders and mugger ready, risking personal injury to themselves, as the horses come in for their exchanges.

“The heart pounding, the hooves, the adrenalin, the crowd, the excitement- you aren’t going to get that anywhere else.”

Calvin Ghost Bear”.

Add to this the unsuccessful transfers-riders sprawled face down in the dirt of the track, or a rider clinging to the side of his horse in a struggle to stay aboard- and it’s easy to see why Indian relay is helping to fill the stands across the West.”

Jack McNeel

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As I love to say : Even I don’t know what is coming next here on dotnet! So how could you know? Not Even The Shadow Knows.

A gigantic, rousing, Thanks Kit So Very Much for being a contributor here!

Cap and Patti


  1. Kit Raye

    You sure translated my quick story with pics to a great post! Indian Relay Races sure are exciting beyond any horse race or rodeo event I’ve every seen, and I’ve seen a lot.
    I hope everyone enjoys your post. I sure did.
    By the way, I really loved Sergey’s pictures of his amazingly beautiful flowers and plants yesterday. Thank you!
    Sunny and should be about 80 today. Later thunder storms to move through with possibility of 1/2 inch hail.
    Stay safe, be well, and keep posting!

    1. Cap Chastain

      Kit, with the help and the inspiration of friends like you, I will be able to continue posting. Back in August of 2011, the impetus that inspired me to begin this “web log” (a pursuit now called a “blog”) was to share my experience traveling. Covid radically changed THAT, my international travels. I no longer travel internationally. So almost daily I am struggling to find or to FEEL a purpose to continue posting. With the support from friends like you I continue down this path. Thanks again Kit! Cap

  2. OLGA from Chita

    Oh, yes!
    With the help of the links in the post I could feel all “The heart pounding, the hooves, the adrenalin, the crowd, the excitement- you aren’t going to get that anywhere else.” But what about SAFETY? I’m sure it’s a VERY traumatic contest for both horses and Indian participants of the relay. I wonder what do they spend the won money on?…
    Thank you, Kit! It’s really an essential contribution in my understanding of American culture.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      How fun your comment is Olga! What an upbeat feeling to know how much you enjoyed the Post. It certainly lifts our spirits. We don’t know about safety and where they spend their “won money”. Thanks so much Olga for your support. Cap and Patti

        1. Kit Raye

          What an inspirational observation Olga!
          One thing I know is our indigenous population, while they are often proud Americans, have their own nations within our’s, and their culture often has deep roots in their relationships with their horses. They are strong emotionally and physically, and while there can be and are injuries in this sport, most get up and get along. They’re tough.
          With their winnings many reinvest in keeping and acquiring their horses, pay for family needs, including college education. Many are great students who do this in the summer, and it takes their whole family to make it happen. They travel for the event often for many hours. Many tribes find when their young participate, they excel in school and their personal life.
          Thanks again, and I hope I can pass along more native American events this summer. I’ll be going to pow wows and spending time on the reservation and will share.

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