For What It’s Worth, this past Wednesday, May the 31st, our friend and our ally Gullible, experienced a very serious and extremely challenging life event.

In Gullible’s words : I got myself into a dangerous situation today while picking up litter along the Seward highway. First time in 17 years.

My situation today was serious and could have turned for the worse.

Below is the link to her Post ..



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In yesterday’s Post here on dotnet, I introduced and, to some, small degree, discussed the mental health issue, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I received, and replied to, three extremely well written and thoughtful comments. Both the comments and my replies are available on the below link..


I hope some of you will look them over.

Then Danny 48073 texted me the following: 

I understand your depression. I too have a complete mood change when I fall and it lasts for days before I can shake it off. I have no idea why but the trauma of falling seems to short circuit something in my body.

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If (THE BIG IF) at any time, in any way, in any Post, I get one or more of you our followers to think about, to contemplate, to mull over something of interest to you, my mission here on this website has been a success that day.

Cap and for sure Patti

Thursday, June the 1st 2023

We two watched the Denver Nuggets beat the Miami Heat 104 – 93 in game 1 of the NBA Championship series. Game 2 is Sunday.

The memorial service this afternoon for our deceased friend was deeply touching and elegant.

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