For What It’s Worth, our friend Gullible has had some very serious adventures of late. They date back to MAY 31st (see our Posts dated JUN  2, 23 and JUN 4, 23). 

I know that some of you follow Gullible on your own “book marking her website” on your device. On the other hand, some of you aren’t doing this. The point of this Post is to bring you, who aren’t following Gullible on your own, up to date.

This past Friday, June the 16 she posted her latest Post. The below link will take you to it.


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In our Post last Saturday, June the 17th, I brought all of you up to date about our two visits from Wild Cranes.

Our Friend and neighbor Eva is currently up in Fairbanks. Eva sent us the below photo of Wild Cranes in flight.

The best way to look at Eva’s photo is to start at the very top where four of the Cranes are clearly visible. Then come down slowly seeing the other Cranes.

See their very long legs trailing along behind them?

Thanks so very much Eva!

To have been so very close to them on our front lawn was sure special.

When, in person and up close, Patti and I saw how large they are, it made us wonder how on earth they get airborne and fly thousands of miles during migration seasons.

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Father’s Day, June 18th, 2023

Patti and I had a very enjoyable Father’s Day today. Yesterday afternoon (that would be Saturday the 17th of June) as I was leaving our local Costco Store, I experienced a very special encounter with a Costco employee that really touched my Father’s Day. I plan to write about it at some depth soon. 

Cap and Patti

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