The below Balloons, they are one thing! They go up with people in them .. they come down with people in them .. and then they are tucked away until their next flight.

But these below Balloons, the ones that I showed here in yesterday’s Post, they are quite another thing!

When Patti saw them go up, she said to me, “Those are dangerous to birds and other animals.”

In her comments to yesterday’s Post, Gullible said : As for the balloons. As a bird and wildlife enthusiast, I am of a different mindset regarding balloons.

Gullible then sent us the below link :


The below words came from the above link:

Balloons are great at birthdays, weddings, graduations and more, but once they get loose, balloons can pose a threat to many animals.  

Birds, turtles and other animals commonly mistake balloons for food, which can harm or even kill them.

In addition, many animals can become entangled in balloon strings, which can strangle them or hurt their feet and hands.

Patti and I would add these words : They can become unsightly litter, hanging in trees or on the ground.

Great “Food For Thought” Gullible. Thanks.

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Yesterday’s Smart Phone experience at Sitka Street Park. Michael left a great comment.

In my reply I stated : Had we secured it, they may have had a tense rest of their weekend wringing their hands over their loss. Then they may not have thought to check for a Sitka Park Lost and Found office. Or worse just said “It’s gone!”.

Today, Monday, July 3rd, I plan to call the City of Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department and inquire whether or not they have a Lost and Found office.

Patti and I remain very happy with the way it turned out.

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Hello Evvy! How very VERY nice to see you again!

Thanks Ginny so very much for this new photo.

Are all of our “young ones” this appealing?

Or are we just viewing from the eyes of Grandparents!


Cap and Patti

Gullible : It is now 11:36pm in Anchorage. The official date of publication for this Post is 3:36am in the Eastern Time Zone.

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