Today is Sunday, July the 2nd. Tomorrow will be Monday, July the 3rd. Tuesday will be July the 4th.

We ALL KNOW that this Tuesday, July the 4th IS one of our Major Holidays!

Patti and I were unsure about tomorrow, Monday, July the 3rd. 

Monday, July the 3rd is NOT A HOLIDAY for the U.S. Post Office nor is it a Federal Holiday so all banks and public buildings will be open. 

– – – – – – – –

Yesterday afternoon Patti and I went for a walk to our local Sitka Street Park. As you would expect, on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon, the Park was nicely populated with adults and their children. We would estimate perhaps as many as 20 people were present and were all together.

Patti and I were sitting on our favorite park bench.

Suddenly we both heard some sort of WHOOSH behind us! Before we turned around to check out the WHOOSH, Patti said, “Look! They just released a bunch of balloons!” We think it was a birthday celebration.

Up, up, up and away the balloons flew!

Much fun!

We stayed at the park for at least an hour and a half. During this time, we noticed on a nearby bench, someone appeared to have left a smart phone. After perhaps half an hour, I got up and confirmed that yes indeed, a smart phone was sitting “abandoned”.

After a second half hour, we asked one child (who looked to be from 10 to 12 years old) IF the smart phone was hers? She immediately said “Yes it is.” Then she picked it up, and coming very close to Patti and I, promptly set the smart phone down and “ran off” to play with her young peers. 

Going forward another half hour, we watched as all of the adults and children at the park packed up their tent, and a myriad of picnic supplies, and left. Now we had focused upon the youngster who said that it was her smart phone. She remained until the last and final vehicle (a dark green, 8 Passenger Van) left with her aboard. Out, off and away the Van drove.

I got up, and went and examined the smart phone that the youngster said was hers. 

Oh My Patti! This is no child’s toy phone! It IS an Apple iPhone, with AT&T 5G service! What on earth is a youngster doing with such a magnificent device?! I knew it was hers because this Apple iPhone was covered with very girlish stickers!

And we waited. And we waited. Finally, after wringing our hands, we decided NOT to take the phone and turn it into the Park Administration Office next week, but to leave the iPhone where the little girl set it down. 


As we were walking out of the Park, the dark green 8 Passenger Van swung into the parking lot! 

I stopped the van and said, “Are you looking for your smart phone?”

“Yes we are!”

I said “Follow me!”

They were happy. Patti and I were both relieved and happy as well.


Cap and Patti

Today’s Rhetorical Question to myself : “Why didn’t I photograph the smart phone?”

Answer : “I don’t have a clue in a carload! I wish I had!”

This Post, simple as it is, is yet another gift to me from the Spiritual Universe!

10 thoughts on “JUL 2, 23 .. IT ALL TURNED OUT AS WE HOPED IT WOULD

  1. Michael

    Cap, it is a joy to read of your adventures. The outcome of your adventure and your thoughtful, elegant post left me with a glow in my heart and soul. I hear endless serendipity that appears magically in your life. The precious little child picking the phone from you hands and quickly setting it on the table and leaving. The van driving away with the family. And you discovering the phone is not a throwaway, but an iPhone! And you both making a choice to leave it there….trusting that it would find it’s way back to the little girl! And the van returns and you lead them to the phone. What a joyous moment! A moment that will forever imprint all with not just a ‘good feeling’ but perhaps a lifetime effort to pay it forward.
    I always come away with a case of ‘the feel goods!’ “To feel good; Do good!”
    And this is why I always describe my relationship between the 3 of us by referring to you both ‘as my spiritual mentors and guides!’
    Love, Light and prayers that you both have a most peaceful and safe 4th of July.

    1. Cap Chastain

      To DO or not to DO? That was our issue Michael.. Leave this exotic, pricey, Apple iPhone in the Park “hoping it’s owners came back” or secure it and turn it into the Anchorage Parks Administration Office on Monday. We really wrestled with it. But finally assumed Mom and Dad would ask their Daughter “Honey where is your Smartphone?” And come perhaps frantically dashing back. So we kept waiting and waiting “buying time” and Bingo, just as we were passing the entrance gate “There they were”! Had we secured it, they may have had a tense rest of their weekend, wringing their hands over their loss. Then they may not have thought to check for a Sitka Park Lost and Found office. Or worse just said “It’s gone!” Thanks so very much for your faithful and ongoing comments and interest and support Michael. Cap and Patti

  2. Gullible

    You certainly “did good” looking after the girl’s phone and I, too, question why a child has such an expensive phone. Nevertheless, I’m sure you enjoyed the sunshine and watching the kids play.

    As for the balloons. As a bird and wildlife enthusiast, I am of a different mindset regarding balloons.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Gullble. My site does not permit links in comments. We will put your link into our next Post. When the balloons flew up, Patti instantly said that “Those are dangerous to birds and other animals.” Cap and Patti

  3. Gullible

    Curious. My computer says it’s 1:08 PM, but the post says it was done at 5:08 PM. Are we not in the same time zone? It’s confusing.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Here is your answer Gullible. My IT Service Management Web Hosting Company is partially based in the Eastern Time Zone so all of my formal times are based in the Eastern Time Zone. The official time this Post was published was : July 2, 2023 at 03:08 hours Eastern Time Zone. This means that when I pressed the “Publish Button” on my device, it was July 1, 23:08 hours here in Alaska.

      In your comment you said that on your computer the time you saw was 1:08PM but the Post on line says that your comment was posted at 5:10PM. You are IN Alaska but my server is based in the Eastern Time Zone. I have to be sure, when I publish a Post, what time it is in the East before I press the “Publish Button”.

      For the two of us who also use blogspot, blogspot publishes in California. IF I want a certain date on a blogspot published Post, I have to be sure of the time and the date in California.

      Smiles .. I sure appreciate your comments Gullible. Cap and Patti.

  4. Ginny

    Tomorrow, July 3rd, indeed is not a holiday, however it is very special to me and this year comes with deep gratitude for a couple reasons! 1. It’s my son Bobby’s birthday 🎂 and 2. Last year on July 3rd I was in surgery under going what I now realize has been a truly life changing experience, I praise God to be alive and sharing this thought. So thankful to celebrate life … mine and my sons!! ❤️ love love love the balloons 🎈

    1. Cap Chastain

      Oh My Ginny, Oh My! Where has one year gone? We did not realize your surgery was on July 3rd 2022 a year ago. Oh Yes! It was indeed a life changing experience and terrific challenge. No wonder July 3rd is a memorable day for you. We remain part of your team cheering you on Ginny. Cap and Patti

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