With all of the festivities in Ulaanbaatar surrounding the 25th Anniversary of A.A. in Mongolia, it is difficult for Patti and I to think about too much else.

We have many friends in Mongolia as well as in Russian Siberia. A fair number of our Russian friends are now in Ulaanbaatar for the festivities because 25 years ago, they were the foundation for the beginning of A.A. in Mongolia.

The tall gentleman in the center below is one of my special friends.

I met him and his wife back in December of 2018. Can you see them in the below photos taken as I ate with them in the home of the gentleman in the black shirt standing by the window.

Below is a photo that included the four of us. 

I had to laugh when I found the above photo in my library. In the above photo, notice the second man on the right in the brown sweater. I liked him because of his hair style, exactly like mine!

He would NOT smile! He simply would NOT smile.

So I took “matters into my own hands”!

Atta Boy!!

You all have got to know that my 9 months in Russian Siberia were filled with very special moments such as the above.

The venue of the 25th Anniversary celebration in Ulaanbaatar.

Still Smiling with Joy.

Cap and Patti

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