Kathleen, Today it is Tuesday.

Kathleen, Today it is July the 18th, 2023. 

TAA-DAA ! Horns Please !

Kathleen, Today..


Today is the day that all of us, who are NFL football fans, have been waiting for since the Superbowl last February the 12th. Today, the first of the NFL Summer Training Camps open with Rookies reporting. Veterans begin to report tomorrow the 19th. The last of the Training Camps to open will be July 25th. Full contact practices begin July 28 – August 2. August 3 will be the first Preseason game (Jets vs Browns). 

Thursday, September 7, 2023 – First Game: The Detroit Lions visit the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sunday, September 10, 2023 – THE FULL SEASON IS ON !!

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Oh Come On Captain! This Post will NOT count if that is all you have to offer!


“Who’s counting?” 

My odometer? 1’s and 7’s.

My odometer? 7’s and 1’s.

My odometer? Still more 7’s and 1’s.

Love it Kit! Aces Wild!

Numbers? How about this number?

Our three Hundredth (300) Day.. Today is the 300th consecutive day that we have published a Post here on dotnet.

We are now coming up to the 10th consecutive month without missing a Post.

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Today’s Rhetorical Question :

Kit, are the decorative markings painted onto the pony? Are they tattooed? Are they “Ceremonial Markings”?

– – – – – – – –

Just in : 1am, Tuesday, July 18th. Frostbite Frank : I survived and am being a nuisance to the nurses.

Our prayers are still with Frank as are all of yours too.

Cap and Patti

From Gullible. Litter Picking and The Tale Of A Lost iPhone.

So sorry we missed this July 16th Post Gullible. 



  1. Kit Raye

    Dear Cap and Patti, First, I was relieved to read this morning that Frank is out of surgery! Keep up the hard work of recovery Frank. May it be thorough and swift.
    Second, my horse I work with Chuntay (heart in Lakota), is a EAGALA therapy horse who works with many children from Pine Ridge Reservation. Chuntay is called upon to participate in many ceremonies and celebrations here in and around Rapid City, South Dakota.
    He is painted in this photo as he was at Native Park at a celebration the day before my daughter Amy came to visit.
    Traditionally many tribes, including Lakota, painted their horses as a sign of power when in war. In therapy, native children paint the horses to connect with their culture. It helps them regain their power in life by connecting with horses and their culture, a very strong tool in healing.
    I work with Chuntay doing Liberty Training working through connection and no tack. We work solely on consent. It is fascinating, and while Chuntay is fully trained, he helps me learn to communicate using little to no tools, and only my energy and emotions.
    Next to him is my daughter, Amy, who met him for the first time. He left his supper with 8 other horses to greet us.
    Chuntay led us away from the group to have us alone, and we visited for quite a while. He was fascinated by her and knew of our connection as mother and daughter.
    He is a lovely being, and sure looks handsome when painted. In the up coming Days of 76 in Deadwood, Chuntay will be in his traditional buffalo regalia. costume in the parade. I’ll send pictures later this month.
    Cheers from the Black Hills where we’re rooting for Frank!

    1. Cap

      Wow Kit! As in WOWIE! THANKS SO VERY MUCH for your GRRRRRR8 Comment! Outstanding Kit! Fantastic in fact! Over the top! What a wonderful act of kindness! Cap and Patti..

      Talk about numbers!! The above reply to Kit’s comment, is comment number 5,000 here on our dotnet website. Talk about numbers!!

  2. Kathleen Brady

    Whoo hooo!! Yay for football season. I love that they added Thursday night football. And I love it even more when they have games on Sat and Sun. Even when the 49ers have a bad season.

    I love love LOVE the pictures of your odometer. And very happy to hear Frank is out of surgery. Prayers for his recovery.

  3. Cap Chastain

    Thanks Kathleen for your comment! The news about the opening of the NFL Training Camps, which is actually the opening of the NFL season, was just for YOU Kathleen! Happy you got a hoot out of my odometer readings! Thanks for supporting Frank! Cap and Patti

  4. Robert94596

    My niece, Kari, also posts her good odo readings. By the way, you both have the older mechanical odos that are much more fascinating to view than the electronic ones.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Nice to see that you are still checking in here Robert! Yes indeed, the older odometer readings are more “readable” than the newer electronic ones. Where does your niece Kari post her interesting odometer readings. By the way Robert, your Comment was published at 12:34pm! Smiling .. Cap

      1. Robert94596

        She posts on Facebook, but don’t ask me where or how, I’m always mystified by Facebook! Also, I was not up anywhere that late, must be EDT.

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