AUG 1, 23 .. MEET TIM McB

Where is the time going?

Is time flying? How about this story. It seems like “yesterday”.

It would have been prior to year 2006, but probably after year 2002, I was in an 8pm Monday night meeting in Royal Oak, Michigan, at The Greater North Woodward group. At my table was a gentleman I had never met. I introduced myself as a visitor from Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. After the meeting he walked up to me, and very casually said to me, “Tell me how to get there and I will drive up to see you.”

I told him, “Drive North to Fairbanks, Alaska. When in Fairbanks, call my wife for directions.”

At the time we did not have a cell phone tower in Manley so no one could use cell phones. Many of the year around residents had land lines. My saving grace was a very functional pay phone at the Post Office and I would call Patti at least daily if not several times a day. Patti could also call several of my friends who had land lines. So we were in touch by phone. 

Since it was around 20 or so years ago, I just can’t accurately recall all the details BUT in (what seemed like) a relatively short time, Patti told me that, “Someone named Tim McB called me from Fairbanks wanting to know how to get to Manley.” 

Either Patti called Tim (sitting in Fairbanks) back or gave me a number and I called Tim.

And? Voila! All the way from Royal Oak, Michigan, 3,890 miles, Tim showed up in Manley!

He stayed the rest of the day, overnighted and headed back the next morning for Royal Oak, Michigan, 3,890 miles!

Crocodile Dundee would exclaim, “THAT Mate, sure is something!”

Crocodile Dundee would also add, “If Tim McB says he is going to do something, he will move mountains to do it!”

– – – – – – – –

Last Friday I got a phone call. “Hi Cap, this is Tim McB. I am down on the Kenai Peninsula. Can I stop in and see you?”

Monday, July the 31st (yesterday)

At 6pm, Tim and Patti and I met here in Anchorage at Wendy’s and for an hour and a half we just “visited up a storm”. 

Oh Yes. In the ensuing years after he visited Manley, whenever I was in Royal Oak (Detroit, Michigan) Tim and I would visit.

Tim and myself.

Patti and me.

Patti wanted me to include the below photo. She really liked it. I was in our truck and Tim snapped it as we were saying goodbye.

Tim YOU really are something!

Then off Tim headed, going North to Denali National Park and Fairbanks and (with Tim who knows) points beyond. Trust me on this : Tim is a real world traveler. 

Your Allies .. Cap and Patti

6 thoughts on “AUG 1, 23 .. MEET TIM McB

  1. Ginny

    How very awesome you and Patti got to visit with your Royal Oak MI friend, Tim McB, I know you had a wonderful visit … fun fun fun!! Just goes to show you miles can’t separate friends! Much love Ginny ❤️

  2. Kit Raye

    How absolutely cool is that! Tim McB woke up and thought it’s time to visit Patti and Cap. Off he went! Gets me to thinking…

  3. Tim McBride

    What a great visit. Cap and Patti thank you for the hospitality. The visit was well and the days are always numbered. Getting off the couch has always served Me well. It is a gift to be able to visit and pick up where we left off. God’s Grace to be able to do it.
    I remember that day well when turning left on to the road to Manely Hot Springs. 3/4 of a mile of pavement….. then dirt road for the other 90 miles… I remember thinking to myself are you kidding me. Then I remember Cap said it was about 90 miles. I was shocked the road was not paved… but living in the bush is a way of life. What a grand visit it was, I remember Cap making a tuna casserole dish… which was delicious I will say. Being traveled to places not to many can go and in 3rd. World Countries sometimes it is a blessing for a visitor. The hospitality of Cap is hard to match… We went all over Manely Hot Springs visited with almost everyone in town. Mind you it was Moose season. Which is a huge deal in Alaska. Food for the winter.
    It is a blessing to know Cap and Patti. I don’t know the whole story but I remember talking about Mother Teresa… if I remember Cap had a picture of Him and Mother Teresa…. I was floored… this is someone I have always looked up to. The dedication to what she stood for and the gift of that 💜. Being so selfless I could only be and aspire to have that HEART OF GOLD.
    Again Cap and Patti Thank You for your hospitality and the visit at Wendy’s… which being on the road doing plants around the World… Wendy’s is a favorite with the Frosty btw. The Frosty was one of my Dad’s favorites also.
    Back in the Motor City and 16,500 miles later. The People and the stories are always my favorite …. It’s a blessing to be able to share and listen to Life as it is and what happens to each living LIFE. The ups and downs and how they find God’s Grace.
    Smile and be Grateful for the Gifts and Allies around the World.
    Tim ( knucklehead) McBride

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow Tim!! Wow again Tim!! Thanks so very much for your amazing comment. It sure brings back memories! Your Allies .. Cap and Patti beside me!!

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