Our friend Gullible published a Post a few days ago. I failed to advise those of you who don’t follow Gullible on your own about this, her latest Post. A nice Post with some great photos of flowers. The below link will take you there.


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Back on May the 29th (there it goes, time is still flying past us!) we published a Post about Gavyn, a young man Patti and I met here in Sitka Street Park. Gavyn and his skateboard were very nearly the end of me! The below link will refresh your memory.

We are in touch with his father with the hope that perhaps we can assist them in some way.

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As our friend and Ally Frostbite Frank continues his post-surgery rehabilitation, his sense of humor continues. Frank told us about one of his exercises and we were astounded.

Yeah I’m having a little trouble with the one in which I bend over backwards from a standing position, put my hands palms down on the floor, curl around, and look out from between my knees.
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For today this is it. Ciao4now.
Cap and Patti

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