What on earth do I mean : GULLIBLE TO THE RESCUE ..

Simple : Because Gullible has published a new Post on her amazing website, I have something of worth to publish today.

The below link will take you to it,

Amazing photos Gullible!

I want to give you all a “heads up” IF you read her Post.

Focus on the below photo located at the bottom (photo 12 of 15) of her Post.

Below it Gullible wrote : I discovered that the best way to clean the top rail was to have one foot on the rail and one on the ladder, then drag the ladder with one foot as I progressed. That gave me the best angle for the pressure washer.

The distance off to the right of the railing, down to the ground, is far enough that having one foot on the rail and one on the ladder, then dragging the ladder with one foot as she progressed .. a fall could be VERY worrisome.

Gullible, Friend, Ally, we REALLY worry about you!

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Cap and Patti


4 thoughts on “AUG 11, 23 .. GULLIBLE TO THE RESCUE!

  1. Michael

    Gullible! Be careful, please! Accidents happen in less than the blink of an eyelash! If you don’t exercise more caution you may have to change your name to ‘unpredictable!’ (or something along those lines!) This was some serious business, getting up on the ladder and moving it with one foot? It’s most Alaskans general embrace that ‘Alaskan gals kick a–s’ but that doesn’t insure the unforeseen won’t arise. I’m hoping you had a ‘spotter’ to steady the ladder and monitor your precarious balancing act.
    We’ve all done something silly without much regard of the end results and perhaps have been lucky enough to skate through w/o injury. Please, have an assistant for your next ladder climbing adventure!
    Unless you’re Irish and have that lil’ leprechaun watching your back!

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