Long, rather poignant, sigh .. .. Not necessarily a good way to begin  a Post, “Wandering the Streets of My Mind” here.

Some days I think that “I am losing it!” .. 

Other days, “I KNOW THAT I AM LOSING IT!!” .. 

“Captain! Aren’t all of we senior citizens in our 80’s also losing it?”

Yes, I think that’s true. It’s also true that, when you have actually lost it, you don’t know that you have lost it!

What adjective fits here? Let’s take yesterday’s Saturday Post. When I sat down Friday night at our laptop here, I was absolutely, totally without a topic for a Post. That, in and of itself, isn’t all that unusual. And, at this point in my Web Log (aka blog) experience, I have published somewhere in the vicinity of just over thirty five hundred (3,500) Posts, I can “come up with a Post”. Which I did yesterday. Viola!

Ah-h-h-h BUT ..

Here is where I have been going. Especially recently, I have been going to “any lengths” to thank each and every single one of you who have been carrying me along on our website here. Topic suggestions, wonderful photos, encouraging comments, etc!

Then, in need of topics, I TOTALLY, 100% SPACED OUT, the fact that this is Dream Cruise Weekend in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Not once during this week did I even think about it, let alone mention it. There, “out the window” went a topic that I could have used several days right into thin air.

In the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area THIS IS A BIG WEEKEND !

And I am a “Detroit born, raised, and educated Man”.

See for yourself about the Dream Cruise in the below two links ..

– – – – – – – –

Then it was, Gord to my rescue!

Dream Cruise Weekend finally “dawned upon me” yesterday (Saturday) morning when Gord in Detroit texted and emailed me about the “Dream Cruise Doings”.

From Gord : We were out yesterday for a couple hours 1:00pm to 3:00pm just before the grid lock got too bad.  A lot of folks out with chairs and a lot of cars and not all late models. We were out this morning at 9:30am and stopped in Berkley to give our granddaughter a ride. We made it till noon before grid lock got the best of us. That’s it for us this year. By the way, my T-Shirt is from the first 1995 Dream Cruise. 

Gord’s Showroom Concours Quality 1977 Chevrolet Corvette.

Wow Gord! Thanks!

– – – – – – – –

A few photos that I snapped back in yesteryear!

I have “Got To Begin” with a few photos of our great friend and Ally Detroit Tiger Tom. Several of the photos that follow below were taken as Tom drove Patti and I over 100% of the Dream Cruise Route, approximately sixteen (16) miles.

Below is a photo of our 1998 GMC Suburban we call “Black Beauty”. With Tom “Behind The Wheel”, Patti and I really enjoyed our tour.

But first, before we get to our cruise in the Dream Cruise, let’s see The Cruise from the side of Woodward Avenue near 12 Mile Road in Royal Oak, Michigan. It actually looks “normal” in the next photo.

Here the vehicles come. Amazing!

The below 11 photos show why I used the word vehicles above. There are far more than only “normal automobiles” on parade!

A radical “Rail Job” full dragster!

The below “vehicle” took a short break from the Cruise!

Danny 48073 “captured him”! Danny said “WHAT IN THE MULLETVILLE HELL IS THIS!!

Looking across the street. Just amazing!

The Dream Cruise is a LOT larger and more encompassing than just the vehicles “cruising” Woodward Avenue! There are about 40,000 vehicles on display “all over the place”!

Just cruising in the local area.

Many, as in MANY, local business enterprises have vehicles on display!

Do you see Patti in the next two photos below?

Now we are going to get into “Black Beauty” and, with Tom “behind the wheel” see a few photos from the street.

In other words, we were IN the Dream Cruise ourselves!

Late Saturday night, The Party’s Over, It’s Time To Call It A Day!

Better Late Than Never. Today, Sunday the 20th of August the 2023 Dream Cruise ends.

Smiling ..

Cap and Patti and Tom and Gord for sure!

2 thoughts on “AUG 20, 23 .. SUNDAY .. AUGUST 20TH, 2023 .. DETROIT’S DREAM CRUISE IS OVER AT 12 NOON ..

  1. Gullible

    Well, that was fun. I have a question about your black Suburban. In the photo above the hood looks pristine, but in photos you took in Arizona the hood paint looks sun-baked, peeling, and dull.

    Will the real black Suburban please stand up?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Simple Gullible. You have Black Beauty in August of 2014 and you have Black Beauty today, nine years later. Smiling .. Cap

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