On a Saturday afternoon / evening, August the 29th of 1959, in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, at Tripler United States Army Hospital, my eldest son Robb was born.

Happy Birthday To You..

Happy Birthday To You..

Happy Birthday Dear Robb..

Happy Birthday To You..

Patti and I wish you many more Happy Birthdays Robb.

Now The Rest Of This Story.

Each and every person who gets a Birthday Card that I sign (usually a card Patti writes and I just sign it with Patti), without fail, I write the following words : Happy Birthday CAKE. Thanks Robb for THAT GIFT!

I picked this up from my son Robb who, as a youngster, “coined his phrase” Happy Birthday CAKE !!

Smiles Robb .. Love Dad and Patti 

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By The Way, I have added a fourth (and a FINAL) Part 4 of 4 Parts to our Canada Geese Posts over on blogspot. To see the Frankie Laine, Call Of The Wild Goose, Part 4 Post, please click onto the below link.

My heart knows what the wild goose knows,

I must go where the wild goose goes.

Wild goose, brother goose, which is best?

A wanderin’ foot or a heart at rest?

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By The Way, we also added a Part 2 to yesterday’s dotnet Post showing photos of another batch of flowers that Patti received from another special friend.

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As planned, at 6:30pm yesterday evening, until just past 8pm, Patti’s Niece Eryn hosted a Zoom Happy Birthday Party for Patti’s close family members. It is becoming a very pleasant and enjoyable annual tradition.


Aunt Patti and Cap

Just continue to scroll down to see PART 2/2 of yesterday’s dotnet Post. Or click onto the below link..

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