AUG 30, 23 .. IN MEMORY OF BOB KELLY .. AUGUST 30, 1936 – OCTOBER 2, 2021

Has anybody here seen Kelly?

K .. E .. Double L .. L.. Y ..

Has anybody here seen Kelly?

Kelly from the Emerald Isle!

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I have to do what I have to do here!

I have to pay my respects to a friend that I grew up with from the age of our fifth birthdays until we graduated from Senior High School in June of 1954. Bob and I were born six days apart. Bob was born on Aug 30, 1936 and I was born on Sep 5, 1936. We met as the two of us entered Kindergarten together in Royal Oak, Michigan, in September of 1941. As so often happens, while we did “stay in touch” over the years, after graduating from High School we went our separate ways. Bob entered the United States Navy and became a pilot. After his Naval Service he was a commercial airline pilot for one of our major airlines retiring after a long and successful career. 

On August 30th, 2021, I celebrated Bob’s Birthday here online!!

As you can see in the above photo, Bob was in rollicking high spirits on Monday, August 30th, 2021!!

Thirty three (33) days later, Bob suddenly, instantaneously, passed away on October the 2nd 2021 

His wife notified me :

I have very sad news . Oct 2nd Bob died at our cabin in northern WI. It was very unexpected. He had a mitral valve problem but was doing very well on his medication. The coroner said he probably had a heart attack. I found him in the morning when I got up, laying on the porch floor.

To this instant, to the degree that it is possible, I feel his wife’s unspeakable pain and grief and sadness and all that goes with the sudden, instantaneous death, of her life partner. 

I sure miss you Bob!

Your Friend and Ally .. Cap

On August 30, 2021, before Bob passed away, I published the below Post on blogspot.

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