The party’s over
It’s time to call it a day
They’ve burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away..

Billy May and Nat King Cole

Well friends, there was NO party here yesterday on my 87th Birthday.

Au contraire, Patti and I celebrated very quietly, relaxed, and low keyed. We slept until past 3pm, at which time I jumped up and went to our local Post Office to check our mail. As I had hoped, there were several Birthday Cards waiting for me because of the Labor Day Holiday this past Monday.

Then we both went back to sleep for “awhile”. Then we checked our phones for voice mail and text mail Birthday wishes, my email for the same as well as here on dotnet here for Birthday comments. Then I answered, and thanked, each and every single one who had honored me with Birthday wishes. The attention I received was “touching” and greatly appreciated.

More than one of you mentioned Birthday Cake. Below are photos of both Patti and my Birthday Cakes.

Patti’s brother hit the nail on the head when he mentioned Ginny’s crocheted birthday cake!

Patti’s still beautiful Birthday Flowers in our living room in front of our television.

And speaking of Ginny and her crocheted birthday cake, she drove up to Las Vegas from Laughlin, Nevada, to pick up Tom who has been in Michigan for several weeks.

Searchlight, Nevada, en route to and home from Las Vegas.

Birthday wishes from a friend in Norway!

Wow huh! Patti and I sure are lucky and blessed.

Birthday Dinner. I prepared Pasta Roni, Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs, with Tuna added. Then last night, just before I went to bed, I ended my birthday day by reading Patti three short stories from a small monthly magazine we have subscribed to for decades! A great way to wrap up my birthday.

Thanks and Oh So Much Gratitude from the two of us!

Cap and Patti.

4 thoughts on “SEP 6, 23 .. THE DAY AFTER MY 87th BIRTHDAY

  1. Olga from Chita

    It’s a very good report from September, 5th 😊
    I love your writing style, Cap 👌
    And the photos are amazing 🤩
    Such a pleasant birthday aftertaste…. 😌

  2. Ginny

    What a wonderful day! September 5th, your special birthday and having my sweet Tom back home! Glad your birthday cake is holding up, lol PS, thanks for coming along with me on my way up to Vegas and back! I appreciate you always keeping track of me/us! Much love ❤️

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