MAY 19, 13 (1/4) .. IT IS .. THANKS TO PATTI 99501 .. A DONE DEAL !

After hours .. and hours .. and still more hours on the phone with American Airlines .. one call alone was 1-1/2 hours! .. Patti with some phenomenal cooperation by American Airlines staffers .. have ‘made-it-happen’.  The deal was that Patti had to transfer to me some of Patti’s American Airlines frequent flier miles.  Normally this takes a minimum of 72-hours for a mileage transfer.  They got-it-done in 24-hours. Without Patti ‘prodding and encouraging’ the American Airlines staffers .. I doubt this would have happened.  Without Patti I KNOW-IN-MY-HEART this would NOT have happened.


This means I will be able .. if I so choose .. to lie down flat and sleep in a ‘sleeping position’ on the 15+ hour flight from Hong Kong to Chicago .. tomorrow late morning Monday .. 20 May 2013.  Believe-thee-me I KNOW I will choose to lie down for several naps.  On the flight over to Hong Kong from Chicago last January 28-29 I slept a total of nine (9) count-them-hours.


and ..


be a guest of Cathay Pacific in their Business Class Lounge .. THE WING/PIER/CABIN/G16 ..

And I can hardly wait to ‘check-out’ their Business Class Lounge here in Hong Kong!

IN CHICAGO their Business Class Lounge was OVER THE TOP in terms of excellence!

FOOD you would not believe!

Breast of Chicken in Lemon Sauce .. an Exotic Rice Dish .. al dente Vegetables .. a Tuna Noodle Dish .. and you name-it-deserts .. all in a wonderful ATMOSPHERE.  This was in CHICAGO .. so what will they do here in their HOME OF ORIGIN .. Hong Kong!


Yes I must be ‘getting-old’ to struggle-so-mightly to avoid sitting in an economy class seat with my knees against my chest for 15+ hours risking deep-vein-thrombosis in my legs.  GOODNESS!  Isn’t ‘Google’ just amazing!  Ask ‘Zilla about deep-vein-thrombosis! And I HAVE DONE just this (survived very-well-thank-you in economy class seating) on each of my nine (9) prior round trips from the United States to India.

Well I want to get a post up over at Blogspot showing you all a touch of Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak.

With an ENORMOUS ..


I am going to sign off here .. Joy and Smiles .. Cap