What has it been?  Two months?  Each and every single day for at least the past two months .. Patti has been telephoning American Airlines and asking the below question:

“Do you have any frequent flier seats in Business Class on the Cathay Pacific Flight from Hong Kong to Chicago on Monday .. 20 May 2013?”

And each and every single day .. the answer has been .. “No we do not.”

When I got my ticket on the American Airlines Mileage Award Plan back on New Year’s Eve .. I got the only mileage award seat that was available for months.  I did NOT have the miles at-that-time to get Business Class both going from Chicago to Hong Kong and returning.  I DID get Business Class on the outbound flight from Chicago going to Hong Kong last January 28th.

We are talking about a FIFTEEN HOUR (15) HOUR flight here!

OH MY!  What a pleasant experience that was!  To be able to lie-down-flat and to be able to stretch-out-full-length and sleep was awesome!  To enjoy the Business Class Lounge before the flight.  Unreal!  Food that would never stop!

This morning about 9:25AM Hong Kong local time .. there was a quiet ‘tap tap’ at my dormatory room door.  I answered and a note was handed me.

“Please call Patti about your airline ticket.”

I jumped up and called Patti.

“I got you a seat in business class!  Seat 20K!”

I made a ‘fairly-mad-dash’ up to the Cathay Pacific Office and was told.

“Yes we see you have a business class reservation with a request for seat 20K ..

BUT! .. THE TICKET you have is for economy

NOT for Business Class.”

A call to Patti .. “Patti .. please call American Airlines and tell them that I need a ticket that specifically shows me in Business Class.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Since writing the above .. this old-world-has-taken-a-couple of turns.  And Patti has invested many full hours-per-call with American Airlines.

As I go-to-press here we know:

Patti has transferred to my American Airlines Mileage Accout the necessary miles for me to get the Business Class Upgrade.

PROCEDURALLY we are not quite out-of-the-woods on this upgrade.

So I will wait patiently until American Airlines assigns to me a new ticket that shows me in Business Class.  I can NOT fly in Business Class with a ticket that is for Economy.

I am optimistic that this will-all-work-out! And I do have 24-hours of grace here so no panic button is necessary.

BUT FOR NOW .. I want to publish this so you all know-what-is-cooking.

I sign off with a ..


Cheerio!  Cap ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Patti .. I think that I am good-to-go .. I managed an on-line check in just now .. 8AM Hong Kong time .. Cathay Pacific assigned me seat 19A in Business Class (code U) and this is excellent news .. it means that they .. Cathay Pacific .. show me in Business Class ..

When I have actually received my boarding pass I will let-you-know.


Love .. Cap in Hong Kong ..