One of the many islands around Hong Kong is Lamma Island.  I was last on Lamma Island in late February 2012 when I visited Clement and Patricia and Merlin .. my friends from France that I met in northern India .. in Ladakh.

I went to Lamma Island with the intention of staying overnight if I could find a reasonably priced room.  Well this plan did not work out.  When I left the Kowloon YMCA at about 2PM this afternoon it was drizzling.  By the time I got to the Lamma Island Ferry Terminal I was ‘kind of sort of damp’.  Not exactly wet but quite damp.  It was so cold on the Ferry to Lamma Island that I put on my down jacket!

When we docked at Lamma Island it was raining there.  So I immediately got BACK ONTO THE FERRY and returned to Hong Kong and to Kowloon arriving back to my room in the YMCA around 4:30PM.  I took an INTENSE nap of 2 1/2 hours and went out for Singapore Rice Noodles about 7:30PM.

I did some shopping at my local supermarket (Snickers Food Bars .. three 1/2 Litre bottles of Vitaman ‘C’ enhanced Lemon Drink .. 5 Litres of water .. 70 grams of Almonds .. a package of three 8 oz Blueberry Yogurts ) and back to the YMCA I have returned.

This morning I wrote and mailed ten (10) post cards to YOU!  Then I enjoyed Singapore Rice Noodles for lunch.

I HAVE ROOMATE NOW here in my four-man dormatory room.  A young very pleasant Korean man who is in the Sports Apparel Industry.  Freeman is his name.  I can’t think of ever meeting a Korean that I did not enjoy.  He gave me his business card and we will both leave the YMCA next Monday.

I sure wish that I could upload photographs for you.  But again .. I can not find a computer anyplace with USB Ports.

I can hardly believe that in LESS THAN four days .. 1150 Hours next Monday the 20th of May .. I will be settled-into my seat on a Cathay Pacific airliner bound for Chicago.  HOPEFULLY I will be sitting in a window seat .. or an aisle seat .. not a center seat.  Since I am using an American Airlines frequent-flier-award I do NOT have unlimited seating choices.  I have been told to sign-in on-line this Saturday at 1150 Hours .. I have also been told to take my suitcase to the airline terminal at 0800 Hours Sunday morning and check-it-in TO INSURE a seat selection.

I DO have a seat request submitted for a window seat but until I formally check-in it means little-or-nothing.

Not much I know but hey .. it’s all I have to write today ..

There is no doubt that I am in a ‘coming-down’ from the trip cycle.  With all the travel that I have done I KNOW THE SYMPTOMS.



Smiles .. Cap