It is now Tuesday the 21st of May and I have had a ‘day-or-so’ to think about the Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge in Hong Kong and their lounge in Chicago.

In terms of ‘sheer-extravagance’ Hong Kong wins ‘hands-down’. It is just overwhelming.  It occupies two (2) separate floors and it has .. as best as I could tell .. at least three (3) buffet lines and at least one coffee and snack bar that has numerous snacks and sandwiches and beverages in addition to coffee.  It has two (at least that I found) complete and state-of-the-art computer facilities (NO USB ports however) one-of-which ‘doubles’ as a business center with telephone and fax and copying equipment. Throughout the two floors there are numerous and comfortable seating and reading areas.

So in-terms of sheer extravagance and size Cathay Pacific Airlines Hong Kong Business Class Travelers Lounge overwhelms their lounge at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

When I discussed this with ‘our man’ ‘Zilla .. who has almost five million frequent flier miles with his major airline Delta .. in comparison with ‘real’ travelers I am but a ‘piker’! .. ‘Zilla began to mention a number of Delta Business Class Travelers Lounges in several different cities.

My experience is limited to only two (2) .. Chicago and Hong Kong.

Now let’s talk about the food-side of this discussion.

In my personal opinion .. because of Chicago’s FULL BUFFET back on January 28th .. Breast of Chicken with lemon sauce .. Bow-Tie-Pasta with Cheese Sauce .. String Beans with Slivered Almonds and Onions .. Wonderful Roasted Potato Quarters .. Greek and other Salad fixings .. Fresh Fruit .. and every liquid you could imagine and all you wanted .. Beer and Wine and Gatorade and every possible soda pop ever made and premium bottled Water and quite an assortment of desserts!

My ‘jury’ has to give the ‘food-nod’ to Chicago!  Notice I use the word ‘nod’ to imply both are phenomenal.

Hong Kong MUST cater first-and-foremost to the Chinese food preferences.  These preferences DO NOT include salads and desserts.


I will ever again fly ‘economy class’ on the ‘long-haul’ international flights of 10+ hours.


In addition to the Business Class Lounges and having a bed to sleep-in you get special boarding and exiting privileges and the in-flight-perks in terms of food and service is awesome.

As I put-a-wrap on this I will sign-off again ..


for her efforts to assure that I was able to return from Hong Kong to Chicago in Business Class.

Much Joy .. Cap