Rhetorical Question : How many days in a calendar year fall on Friday the 13th?

Cap’s Answer : I don’t think there is ONE answer. In 2023 (I checked myself) there are two (2). One each in January and October. 

Google’s Answer : As shown by Brown (1933), the thirteenth of the month is slightly more likely to be on a Friday than on any other day. On average, there are 1.72 Friday the 13ths per calendar year.

Thankfully, Friday the 13th doesn’t happen all too often. The majority of years, like 2023, we have two Friday the 13ths, but occasionally there is just one. Three of the unfortunate days occur in particularly unlucky years, such as will be coming in 2026.

Wikipedia says ..


So what Captain?


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Today, Friday the 13th, very early this morning, Frostbite Frank is “heading off” on a very long trip. 

On July 11th 2023, Frostbite Frank was leaving his home to have MAJOR surgery in San Diego, California.

In Franks words : I was taking out the last little bag of trash after packing when a flock of Terns landed in the yard, so I opened the door carefully. I took the first of 2 little steps onto my porch, moving slowly so as not to scare off the 20 or so birds. I was so focused on them that I missed the second step. I flailed my way across the 12 foot wide porch, trying to regain my balance. I crashed into my work table and I think I separated my ribs, then I finally stopped my headlong free-fall with my forehead against the porch rail. All the vertebrae in my neck, mid-back, and lumbar sections went off like Gatling gunfire, and my right leg popped out of joint. Current status: my entire spine is sore, my ribs hurt, and my right hip is unstable. The cut on my forehead stopped bleeding after about 10 minutes. It is hardly noticeable if I pull my hat low over it. Wonder if I tore my hip labrum.

Frank we are rooting for you NOT to have such a fall this morning!

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For What It’s Worth, we published a Post on blogspot showing photos of our snow yesterday. To see it click onto the below link..


Gullible also has published her first Post since September the 13th (NOT a Friday)..


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What am I forgetting to post here?

To lose one’s mind is a terrible thing!

Cap and Patti

5 thoughts on “OCT 13, 23 .. FRIDAY-THE-THIRTEENTH

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well Ginny (see dotnet OCT 14, 23) your prayers were not in vain. Frank got safely to, and onto, his flights. Smiles .. Cap

  1. Michael

    Endless prayers for Frostbite Frank. And the peoples of Israel and Gaza.
    Happy to know you had somewhat dry streets and sidewalks after the overnight fresh snows.
    And, Happy Friday 13th! Here’s something to ponder: Today, if the snows were still evident would it be easier to spot a black cat sauntering in front of your path! Conversely, why do snowshoe rabbits get the luxury of becoming invisible against the fallen snow! Now it seems to be that the black cat got the shorter straw in this wacky scenario! hahaha
    Good to hear Gullible arrived back home, safe and sound.
    Sending big (ether) ((Hugs)) to you and Patti!
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael, as I just replied to Ginny (see dotnet OCT 14, 23) your prayers were not in vain. Frank got safely to, and onto, his flights. We don’t have any further news as to his safe arrival. Again see dotnet OCT 14, 23, the snow IS GONE! We didn’t really want snow Michael! Love it .. The Black Cat would show up against white snow! Yes on Gullible getting home safe and sound. As always, in all ways, thanks for rooting for us Michael. Cap and Patti

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