This Post is primarily about screenshots.

 A screenshot is taking a photo of what your smart phone’s face is showing.

Not only did Ginny teach me how to snap screenshots, but then she has followed up by showing me how she actually uses screen shots.

For instance, last month (September the 24th) as Patti and I were travelling from Fairbanks down to Anchorage, en route Ginny continued to send us screenshot updates from her smartphone.

Below are Ginny’s screenshots showing our trip South.

Nifty huh? Thanks so very much Ginny.

Onward we continue showing various screenshots that I have snapped this past few days.

– – – – – – – –

Major League Baseball

IF there is one thing that I try to avoid, it is allowing “outside events” to affect how I feel.

I especially do not like having the results of a sporting event affect how I feel.

Yet it just happened. Major League Baseball. The American and National League Championship Series. I got overly involved in both series because I had strong feelings for two teams. 

Not good Captain!

– – – – – – – –

The American League. The Phoenix Diamondbacks played the Philadelphia Phillies all the way to a Game 7,”Winner takes all and goes to the World Series”.

I really, as in 


Patti and I have a real love for the State of Arizona. The Diamondbacks were last in the World Series in 2001. Twenty two years ago! The Phillies were in last years World Series against the Houston Astros losing 4 games to 2. They have been in the World Series eight times and made back-to-back World Series appearances in 2008 and 2009. The Phillies won the 2008 World Series. So time for Arizona to get a chance.

Today’s screenshot. The Diamondbacks won game 7!

And I Really FELT GOOD!

– – – – – – – –

The National League. The Texas Rangers played the Houston Astros all the way to a Game 7,”Winner takes all and goes to the World Series”.

I really, as in 


An interesting series. The Road Team won each and every single game.

Yesterday’s screenshot. The Texas Rangers won game 7! Oh Did They Ever WIN!

And I Really FELT GOOD!

I do not totally understand the gambling odds on baseball games BUT the Texas Rangers are the favorite to win the World Series. 

Another screenshot.

Maybe Detroit Tiger Tom could “coach me up” on the above odds!

– – – – – – – –

Frostbite Frank

Frank is in Jacó Beach, Costa Rica. Jacó is pronounced HAH KŌ!

You can see the location of Costa Rica in the below link.


Jacó is due West of San Jose, on the Pacific Ocean.

Our latest update from Frank.

Everything is working out just the way it’s supposed to.  I walked to the teller machine and got 100,000 Colones on Sunday afternoon, so now I can at least eat – I had a delicious meal last night for 3,000 colones ($5.66 US), with salad, vegetables, sautéed potatoes & zucchini, and 2 small pork steaks.

I’m walking better today – walked 1.1 miles twice.  Maybe the steroid injection I got 4 days ago is finally kicking in.  I’m also doing exercises to stretch the tendons that cover the hip (the ilio-trochanteric band).

I attended my first meeting in Jacó today – they meet Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.  There were no people there from the meetings I attended 12 years ago in the same place – people just keep moving!

I’ll keep you informed as life unfolds.

Guess What? I got on my smartphone and I snapped four screenshots of Jacó Beach.


Now we see why Frostbite Frank is down in Jacó, Costa Rica!

Amazing Frank!

– – – – – – – –

We will close with Gullible’s Chapter 5 of her 2023 Brazil Journals. We are not able to fathom how she is cranking these posts out! Amazing Gullible.


– – – – – – – –

We will close with our final screenshot.

Yes Sports Fans! SURVIVOR IS Tonight. Patti and I WILL BE “Tuned In”.

Bet on it Detroit Tiger Tom!

Over And Out ..

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “OCT 25, 23 .. A GIFT FROM GINNY .. SCREENSHOTS .. AND MORE

  1. Kathleen

    Thank you Frank for the pictures. They look so beautiful.

    Cap and Patti, I am happy that you are seeing some relief from your COVID booster. It sounds brutal. I hope each day gets better.

    Cap, I understand the highs and lows of sports. The 49ers lost two weeks in a row to lesser teams, missing at least one field goal in each game. Last week, the 2nd missed FG in the last few seconds would have won the game. The highs and lows are exhausting.

    I have been casually watching some of the Texas-Houston games as both coaches are former SF Giants coaches. As long as the Dodgers are out (thanks to AZ), I don’t have anyone to root against. My two favorite MLB teams are the Giants and anyone who can beat the Dodgers. I guess that means I am rooting for AZ to win this next round. I do love a good underdog win.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Kathleen. At this point in time, I seem to have recovered from our recent Covid Booster shot. Not so for Patti. She is still feeling after effects. We continue to get a lot of rest and to take things easy. With regards to watching sporting events. Kathleen with me it can boil down to this.. IF I KNOW, in advance, that I will be upset IF “my team” loses a game I seriously debate even watching. For this exact reason I did NOT watch the 49ers these past two weekends. They lost sure BUT I did not get wrapped around the proverbial axle spending several hours watching. My alternative is to check in during the 4th quarter to “see what’s happening”. Just them losing a game doesn’t upset me. It is the waste of time I may have spent watching a losing effort. Some games I am absolutely 100 % totally neutral. Those games I really enjoy. See! I want to enjoy my time. If I think I won’t enjoy a game I will skip it. Make sense. Smiles .. Cap

  2. Ginny

    Hi Cap, so glad you’re having so much fun with the screenshots! Thankful FF is making some progress! Patti, praying you’re having some progress as well in your side effects and are feeling better 🙏 Tiger Tom is always available for sports betting picks, heehee much love and hugs ❤️

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Ginny for your comment and all of the ongoing “Tech Support” that you provide to me. Screenshots are but one of a number of “Tech Support” items that you have gifted me with. Just your caring for the two of us certainly counts so very much as well Ginny. Cap and Patti

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