Sunday October 29th 2023

Growing up in Michigan, I know full well what “Snow Skies” look like. 

How do you successfully capture Snow Skies in a photograph? The above photo doesn’t seem to do it, but what can I say?

Oh Yes!

The Canadian Geese know what Snow Skies mean and they “head South”.

The temperature is correct.

Winter IS coming. 

– – – – – – – –

Monday the 30th of October 2023

Baseball. Game 3 of The World Series is today at 4:03 pm Alaska time. The Texas Rangers visit the Arizona Diamondbacks. Each team has one victory.

Football. “Our” Detroit Lions host the Las Vegas Raiders at 4:15 pm.

As we wrote yesterday, we plan to “Multi-Task” the two games. We plan to begin watching the Lions – Raiders game. We like to see the opening kickoff and first series of plays. We’ll probably check out the World Series during the Lions – Raiders game commercials.

Then “Go From There”. Not ideal to Multil-Task but what else can we do?

– – – – – – – –

Cap and Patti

Patti continues to deal with after effects from our recent Covid Booster shots. I am basically doing O.K. No pain but fatigue continues.

That’s It Captain? That’s It!

2 thoughts on “OCT 30, 23 (1/3) .. SNOW SKIES.. THE WORLD SERIES.. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL..

  1. Michael

    Hmm, didn’t you just tell me you don’t multi-task your sports? Oh, mercy me! To be a sports fanatic and have to make a choice on when to channel surf! Regardless, let’s hope both events are chilling ‘spine-tinglers! The Lions are doing well this early in the season. And the AZ-TX match has been exciting thus far.
    Prayers for Patti to be gifted with a full return to a ‘more’ normal. Big ‘ether’ hugs from me and Little Bit. Our fur-baby would lick Patti into wellness.
    Those look like snow skies to me! I dreaded this time of year in the Artic environment for 21yrs.
    We’ve had some annoying high winds here for the past 3 days, but the sun still shines brightly and by early afternoon even the windy temps arrrive. TYG!
    Sending Frostbite Frank prayers of endless Peace, Light, Love and and again, prayers for a quick return to good health. No es bueno when one is still recovering from invasive injury to your body and skeleton. It needs time to rest and heal.
    Word has it (via your texts to various AZ acquaintances) that you both will be arriving sooner-than-soon! I just humbly nod my head in quiet sage acknowledgement!
    Looking forward to seeing your return and more 3-amigos ((Hugs!)) and servings of Singapore Rice Noodles! Intuition tells me that you folks have a multitude of chopstick sets stashed all around the planet! lol
    Peace Out, my beautiful people!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Michael. In Part 3, of the 3 part OCT 30 Post, I explained that we two DID NOT MULTI-TASK the NFL game and the World Series game. It was the Raiders vs the Lions with NO baseball on television. We did, only during a few commercial breaks, keep track of the World Series from the 6th inning on. Patti remains challenged with her recent Covid Booster shot and its after effects. Commuting as you did I am sure you had some dread around the approaching Arctic Winters. Long and dark days factor in as well. I don’t think that we have experienced the winds any place like we have encountered down there in the Arizona Desert! We hope you read Part 2 of 2 OCT 30 in which you will find details about Frostbite Frank and his stay in Costa Rica. You know our travel details directly from us. It won’t be long now until we are there in Lake Havasu City. Smiling thinking of the Golden Phoenix! Cap and Patti

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