For What It’s Worth..  It is now Saturday morning, 3:21am. Last night utter, total, complete fatigue overcame me and I had no choice but to lay down “for awhile”.

“For Awhile” was a “nap” of over three hours.

Great Weather!

We continue to accumulate Kroger (Smith’s) Fuel Points!

Outdoor Christmas decorations are well underway!

What is this? From our good friend Jeff in Texas.

Caps’ Texas

Back to bed. Over and out for now.

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “NOV 25, 23 .. ONLY A BEGINNING

  1. Michael

    Goodness, Cap! You need to get some healthier sleep cycles! I best use caution offering this advice…I’m up in the wee hours and get 5hrs of sleep on a good night. I replied to your Nov 24th post re: fuel points!
    Thanks for the Holiday pictures from Jeff in Texas! Very pretty! Happy Holidays to our southern friends!
    Have a Truly Blessed Day!
    Love you both!
    Michael and Little Bit.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks for your support Michael. I really “crashed” last night and did the right thing going to bed and not staying up long enough to publish a Post before calling it a day. Then up in the middle of the night and I was able to publish a short, but actually sort of respectable Post as I look at it this morning. Smiles Best of Friends .. Cap and Patti

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