As most of you know, I write these Posts the evening before, or the early morning of, the official date of each Post.

As I begin this Post on Thursday evening, I am “All Shook Up”.

This is no parody of Elvis Presley and his famous song.

A few short hours ago, 8:10pm Mountain Standard Time, one of my very closest allies in the Rooms of Recovery called me.

Sobbing hysterically he cried to Patti and me..

“Cap, my daughter Melanie was found an hour or so ago, dead from a drug overdose!”

I have never personally  received such a phone call from anyone, let alone a very close ally.

This is one of  Life’s Firsts for me.

Melanie was only age 32 years.

This is sad. Not just because she died of a drug overdose. Fatal drug overdoses are a terrible fact of our current lifestyle and they are happening all over the world all day and night long.

Here is what was so sad. Poor Melanie never had a chance. While her mother was pregnant with Melanie, she was an active heroin user.

Melanie was born addicted to heroin. And had to then be detoxed!

A baby’s withdrawal symptoms may continue for longer than a week and possibly up to 6 months, but over time they will gradually decrease.

Yes, in theory Melanie could have chosen to get help with medical detox by professionals. 

The issue is this : There is no proof that detoxification alone will remove the craving for heroin.

After birthing Melanie, her mother entered treatment. While in treatment, her mother “ran off” with another patient leaving Mike to raise Melanie by himself.

Mike all of our prayers are with you!

Cap and Patti and all of our followers.

– – – – – – – –

After thinking it over, Patti and I felt that, in honor of Melanie, we would publish a few scenic photos to close this Post.

Yes! We have more than just mountains up in Alaska.

Some water mixed in with the mountains.

We’re getting to the water.

Rest In Peace Dear Melanie. You Deserve It.


  1. Michael

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Mike’s daughter, Melanie, and her passing. Please let Mike know I send endless Peace, Light, Love and prayers for Melanie, Mike and his entire family. I will grieve with him as he does his precious daughter. It brings painful memories of my own sister’s passing from a heroin addiction. Margie was only 25. And left 4 young children behind, who have miraculously grown to be responsible, hard-working parents. Just a few years before Margie’s untimely death, my brother, Jerry (Gerald) drowned and the autopsy reported barbiturates. He was only 16yo. Yes, addictions are wicked. They have been with us forever. We, as survivors do heal, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly through our own tumultuous lifetimes. What matters is that we learn from our losses and still try to help those who ask for help.
    RIP, precious, dear Melanie.
    With deep respect and reverence,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael we had no idea that you lost a sister Margie who was only 25 and left 4 young children. Stunning. And you also lost your brother Jerry at age 16 who drowned with barbiturates in his system. Also stunning. If you had told us, we had forgotten. Thanks for your concern Michael. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes Olga all of the deaths associated with drugs is indeed sad and upsetting. A very difficult problem around the world. And it continues. Cap and Patti

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