Prologue : Very bad news. Your Captain is out wandering the Streets of His Mind!

– – – – – – – –

IF ONLY YOU ALL KNEW what a challenge it can often be for me to actually publish these Posts. 

Writing them, and putting them together, is one thing. But then to say, “Time To Publish This” is entirely another matter.

– – – – – – – –

The issue is simple : Seldom do I really feel that any given Post is of any meaning to anyone.

Of course, on an intellectual level, I KNOW FOR SURE (because of your feedback to me) this simply is not accurate.

Now I arrive at our “Inner Critic”.

For some of us, and I know that I am NOT alone, our “Inner Critic” is The Committee In Our Heads Between Our Left And Right Ears!

Today’s Rhetorical Question: Does any human being on earth have an “Inner Critic” that even begins to border on being helpful and supportive and friendly?

I think NOT.

How about this from Nicky in Hong Kong!

And God said “Love Your Enemy”. So I obeyed God and began to love myself!

Get it? Got it? Good!

– – – – – – – –

On Christmas Day, DEC 25, 23, three days ago, I published a Post for Friends of Bill.

For the past two days, my own opinion of the photos that I published in that Post kept “Nagging Away At Me” (read : “My Muse” was not happy with our photos).


So I went back to the Havasu Regional Medical Center and did a second photo shoot of our Sunday Morning 10am meeting room.

KNOWING that, no one but I your Captain, was not pleased with my original photos.

Yesterday’s Newspaper. Since no one is going back in time to check them out, here they are. The photos themselves wanted me to do this.

No! I am not going into what the original photos who were deleted and replaced thought!

Our meeting room is very pleasant!

Looking back up at the front of the room.

– – – – – – – –

Have any of you seen some of the words and sayings that some people have on their garments?

Last December the 6th, I snapped this photo of the back of a young man’s T-Shirt while Patti and I were waiting for a medical appointment.

It’s a “Keeper”.

His name was Blake and he is an employee of New Horizons.

A Promise Made IS A Debt Unpaid and “I solemnly promised Blake that I would mention New Horizons.”


Empowering individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential since 1954

If you click onto the above Post, you need to “Get Past” their “Year End Fundraising Campaign” to really see what New Horizons is all about.

– – – – – – – –

Speaking of T-Shirts.

Oh Yes!

My “Inner Critic” is saying “Way To Go Captain!” press Publish!

– – – – – – – –

Cap and Patti

As of 11:34pm, Wednesday Evening, the 27th of December, Gullible does NOT have a new Post published!

10 thoughts on “DEC 28, 23 .. IF ONLY YOU ALL KNEW.. OUR “INNER CRITIC”

  1. Olga from Chita

    Hi Cap, Hi Patti!
    A lot of funny info and deep consideration – in one post. Thank you!
    Weren’t the tables covered with a red cloth in the photos before?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Olga. Yes! You are absolutely correct when you note that “Weren’t the tables covered with a red cloth in the photos before?” In our DEC 29, 23 (2/2), Post I showed the room as it appeared during Christmas Season. Thanks so much for your comment. Cap and Patti

  2. Michael

    Good day, Cap and Patti! Thank you for sharing and creating all of the literary and photo art that you do. I have a strong suspicion that for you it is not only a passion, but therapy, as well. It is a mechanism to display your “inner critic”. I feel yours is more than overly active! lol Yes, it is true that we all have within our brain both a consciousness and subconscious. All with a never ending stream of activity. Yours is very busy. Mine is not. I have more quiet time and have made peace with my “committee” (thoughts, voices, self-talk, etc.) We have known each other for over 20yrs and you do know my m.o. is to not go there and probe and prod the inner consciousness. But you do and it manifests as a deep, creative, intimate intellectual capacity. You have a true gift. And you’ve shared this with us in many forms…with deep faith, love, compassion, unabiding faith and dedication…and your blogging. Thank you, dear Cap! Keep On, Keeping On….
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Michael for your observations. This “Inner Critic” or “Committee In Our Heads” is very real and can pose problems if not dealt with in some fashion. There is absolutely no doubt about this website being a sort of therapy Michael. Trying the best I can (originally to share my travels and now it has a different focus). At this juncture I DO plan to Keep On With The Keeping On Michael. Cap and Patti (more to come)

  3. Kit Raye

    My first thought is the same as Olga’s…weren’t there colored tablecloths?
    You know if things aren’t right. Our “committee ” tells us so. I have busy critics tween the ears, so I can relate. The best solution definitely came when you retook your photos. Now your mind can move on to your next task.
    Yes, your posts mean so much to each reader. You’ve always been packed full of wise words and fun adventures. I still think my favorite was you skiing in Dubai!
    I wish you and Patti a joyful, healthy 2024!
    Keep up the posts!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes indeed Kit. Yes indeed. I put up a photo of the Christmas Season “appearance” of our meeting room in our DEC 29, 23 (2/2), Post Kit. Skiing in Dubai! I remember it oh so well Kit. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

  4. Gullible

    “Not all who wander are lost.”–JR Tolkien

    Sometimes wandering can lead to new and exciting discoveries, but I, like you, try desperately to avoid that inner critic that always seems to tell me my words and actions are: not good enough, are not appropriate, are harmful or hurtful, and on and on and on. A shake of my head and a firm, “Stop it” usually gets things back on track. Though that devil seems to raise its head at night most often when I am most vulnerable to it.

    Yesterday I read a public service announcement on Facebook that began, “Hell Seward…”. I thought it hysterically funny and thinking of “Hell, Seward, …”, I commented “Punctuation matters.” I was thinking of all the snow we are all dealing with and thus beginning a notice about parking problems exacerbated by said snow with, “Hell, Seward, ….” would be so appropriate that it was funny. At least I though so.

    Nobody got my joke, so I had to backtrack and delete my comment. The original poster obviously meant to type “Hello, Seward.”

    As for my lack of posts. Yep, I’m falling behind. It’s exhausting stressing about snow loads on roofs and things freezing up in super cold temps when the power is out, so I’m taking some time to get back into Brazil mode. The post is half written, the photos are ready. Just have to finish writing the story and then uploading everything.

    Yesterday, a friend cleared thigh-high snow off the woodshed roof, a flat roof along my house, and climbed onto my roof to shovel out a valley where the snow was particularly drifted and deep. I can relax a bit.

    I’ll get there.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I originally wrote about the fact that it seemed to me you have referred to your “Muse” being somewhat of an “Inner Critic”. Then I took it out completely because I didn’t want to misquote you since in the dictionary the word Muse is not a negative word but more of a meditative word .. “To Muse” about a matter. Thanks for your additional thoughts Gullible! What you are experiencing at your home with the snow and the power out is extremely stressful and exhausting. We hope you do a little EZ does it Gullible. We are happy you do indeed have some helpful friends. Cap and Patti

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