Thanks so very much Kit for sending us the photos of your snow in South Dakota.

In August of 1988, I was living in San Francisco, California. I had just retired and I decided that I would attend in-person meetings in each and every state. It took me a full two years to attend meetings in each of the contiguous 48 states (aka The Lower 48 States).

As I began this journey (don’t ask me why) I found Bottineau, North Dakota, on the map and I headed for Bottineau to attend a meeting there. En route I attended meetings in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and finally in Bottineau.

So I thought I’d check the weather in Bottineau. 

Then compare Bottineau’s weather with yours in South Dakota, Kit.

Kit YOU, NOT Bottineau, 450 miles further North, got the snow!

Kit’s friend Tim is the “Mover and the Shaker!”

Kit’s friend Tim has a mini Australian Sheppard named Buck who loves the snow!

Kits dog Love.

“Thanks Mom” says Kit’s pal Love “It’s much nicer here inside!”

Kit’s cat Samson saying to Love..

“Why on earth did you go outside? Are you out of your mind Love?”

Thanks Kit! So Very Much!

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The Full Cold Moon of December.

For more, as in MUCH MORE, about the Full Cold Moon, click onto the below link.

And Captain??




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Cap and Patti

Just in! Gullible has published a new Post about her recent adventure with the winter weather. No power etc!

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