For What It’s Worth .. Gullible has published Chapter 24 of her 2023 Brazil Journals.


In our comment to Gullible’s post we wrote .. Jaguars, Jaguars, Jaguars and?? More Jaguars! 

So IF you are indeed interested in Jaguars, check out Gullible’s above Post.

Then, wonder of wonders, look at what we found online here!

This Arizona Jaguar sure “looks like” your Brazil Jaguars Gullible!

Go figure huh?

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Thank You Detroit Tiger Tom for sending the below image to me!

For What It’s Worth .. To understand the below image..

You would  need to have been living in Detroit or Cleveland during the 1950’s and have been an NFL (National Football League) fan then and NOW.

During the 1950’s, between them, the Lions and the Browns dominated the NFL.

The Browns were NFL Champions in 1950, 1954 and 1955. The Lions were NFL Champions in 1952, 1953 and 1957.

In 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1957 the Lions and Browns played each other in the NFL Championship Game.

Further the Browns were also in the Championship Game in 1950 beating the Los Angeles Rams and in 1951 losing to the Los Angeles Rams. 

Enter “The Super Bowl Era”. 

Neither the Detroit Lions nor the Cleveland Browns have ever appeared in a Super Bowl!!

So the above image implies that The Devil himself had had something to do with them never playing a Super Bowl.

I don’t know BUT I am not sure the two teams (Lions and Browns) have both been in the playoffs at the same time until this year.

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For What It’s Worth .. Back to Gullilble.

Yesterday I asked you about the below photo and how on earth a photographer captured it.

Now look at the next photos below.

Gullible do you think that maybe, just maybe mind you, the above photos were skillfully put together combining two photos. We all know that with today’s amazing technology that what we see may not be the real thing!

Again thank you Forbes Magazine advertising online showing the above and many (as in MANY) more wildlife photos.

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For What It’s Worth .. The NFL Regular Season is now complete. Next Saturday, January the 13th, the Playoffs begin.

Cap and Patti

Frostbite Frank .. As of 1:15am today, Monday the 8th, Frank landed safely in San Diego and is en route North to La Jolla for three medical appointments today and three more tomorrow and off to Italy day after tomorrow (Wednesday the 10th). 


  1. Olga from Chita

    Well, the story of the photos is getting more and more interesting! ;-)
    And, of course, I’m worried about solving the situation with your tooth, Cap!
    Big hello to Patti!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Olga. Don’t worry about my tooth. I gave Patti a BIG hug from you just now! Smiles Olga .. Cap and Patti with me

  2. Gullible

    As to the photos: there are several ways a photographer can create photos like those above. The first way, the ethical way, is to catch an animal in front of something such as the deer (antelope) with the wing spread. You can actually see the bird’s body behind it. The two rhinos also look authentic as you can definitely see the dividing line between them.

    The bear’s head with wings is photoshopped. There is no bird that can make a bear’s head look that small.

    The rhino and the peacock? Without knowing the location, I can’t tell. It’s possible. There are peacocks and rhinos in both Africa and India, so… It’s also possible it was taken in a reserve with captive animals.

    Another way is AI, which I think is going to ruin the “WOW” factor in legitimate photography. People will get so used to seeing AI-manufactured pictures that even the most talented photographers will have trouble convincing people it’s real, not enhanced.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very VERY much for your comment Gullible. Very interesting. Upon a very close inspection of the two Rhinos, I can see the one on the right is looking around the rear end of the one on the left. Until I really studied this photo, it looked like it was one Rhino with a head at each end of its body. There are some very intelligent people who think that AI could mean the end of civilization. Potentially it could be very dangerous. Cap

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