Monday, January 8th, 2024

For What It’s Worth

When Oh When Does It Get Easy?

Just ask our friend Frostbite Frank.

Frank arrived in La Jolla, California, this morning from Costa Rica to undergo two days of medical appointments, three appointments each day. Wednesday he flies to Italy.

Monday, January 8th, 2024

From Frank:

I’ve been using wheelchairs in the airports for the last couple of years. However, Copa (Compañía Panameña de Aviación Copa Airlines, the flag carrier of Panama) doesn’t offer wheel chair service. So I had to walk around both the San José and Panama City Airports and survived but that ain’t the half of it!

While in LAX (Los Angeles) I fell on the top step of the escalator to Customs and slid all the way to the bottom. I got a deep cut on my right shin and a series of cuts on my scalp from the sharp edge of the steps (no concussion). There was all the blood attendant to scalp injuries but it eventually stopped. I’m pretty stiff this morning but I just survived an MRI and a blood draw here in La Jolla with one more appointment to go today.

Whewie Frank.

– – – – – – – –

For What It’s Worth

When Oh When Does It Get Easy?

For reasons that neither Patti nor I fully understood at the time, I spent a little over two hours in a dental chair here in Lake Havasu City this afternoon having a temporary crown put into the tooth that broke apart last Friday as I ate breakfast. This normally is about one hour in duration but evidently some problems arose.

I kidded the dentist and his assistant saying to them that having this problem was NOTHING compared to the time I was having a cataract operation on my right eye and the surgeon said quietly to himself (Oh But I Heard Him!) “Oh Oh. There is a problem here.” He then had to put some stitches in my eye and I kept thinking for the next week that those stitches were going to have to be removed. And yes they were indeed removed after a week.

The position of the sun when I sat down in the dental chair around 4pm.

The position of the sun well into the procedure.

The position of the sun when we finished about 6:15pm. It was now dark outside.

I asked Patti, who was sitting with me 100% of the time I was in the dental chair, IF she was happy we were done. Check out her smile in the below photo.

A really great Patti Photo!

You may wonder why I was able to snap the above photos during a dental procedure. Simple!

Because the dental team just last Friday had “fit me in as an emergency patient”, there were quite a few times when just Patti and I were in the procedure room because the Dentist and his assistant were taking care of other patients who we there by scheduled appointments.



Because the Dentist and his assistant were taking care of other patients who were there by scheduled appointments, I realized just why it took them so long to do a temporary crown! Because they were not working with me 100% of their time.

Wonderful people to slip me, a total stranger, into their day!

Having Patti with me while I was undergoing a dental procedure was a first ever for us. NEVER have I had anyone else with me during a dental procedure.

– – – – – – – –

Enough! I AM going to bed before 12 o’clock this Monday evening January the 8th 2024.

Cap and Patti

Surely there must be more! But it is evading me, mischievous rascal that my “Inner Critic” can be.

2 thoughts on “JAN 9, 24 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Olga from Chita

    It’s just terrible what happened to your friend, Cap, Patty! I hope such a horror is extremely rare… I also hope that your friend is feeling well enough right now.
    That was nice, Cap, that in your case the situation developed in a more humane way. I mean your emergency appointment. I hope that a crown which was being installed with some breaks during the procedure, equally as if it was installed continuously, will serve perfectly to protect your tooth ….. from harmful goodies!☺
    Patti looks brilliant in the photo! ♥ A Steadfast Tin Soldier ♥

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      So far So good with the tooth Olga. So far Frank is doing OK. Soon he will be in the air for Italy. Yes it is a great photo of Patti. Cap with Patti beside me.

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