Tuesday Evening, January the 9th, 2024

For What It’s Worth

Frostbite Frank

As you read these words, it will be Wednesday the 10th.

Frank texted us that he is flying on American Airlines to Italy and that they have already set up a wheelchair for him.  It’s “The Only Way to Fly” as the bird in the old Western Airlines ad use to say.  They whisk you through the TSA crew line and you get to board first, ahead of even the 1st Class passengers. 

What a (words fail me) .. What an experience the past five days have been for Frank! He seems none the worse from his fall down the escalator. He texted that his body shows no damage except for a couple of lacerations.

And? He thanks all of us for our interest!

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For What It’s Worth .. When Does It Get Easy?

The elderly and falls in the home or elsewhere.

One of our close friends, an elderly lady, day before yesterday, fell in her home getting out of bed. She could not get up!  She was very disoriented and amazingly did not think to press the “Emergency Call Button” hanging around her neck. She was able to crawl to her mobile phone and dial 911. By intention, she does not lock her front door. So the 911 team was able to easily gain access to her and, after a medical evaluation, got her back into bed.

Whew! To be so disoriented you don’t remember that around your neck is an emergency call button! 

She could not get up! I know, from my own personal experience, the terrible situation of not being able to get up after a fall.

A friend in Phoenix (also an elderly lady) fell in her home and called 911. The 911 team had to break into her home (front door) to get to her. To this day she has not been able to afford to get the door fixed properly. So having the door “open” is not too bad an idea assuming you are living in a “safe” neighborhood. I’m not sure any neighborhood is safe anymore. Maybe a gated community, with guards at the gate, and surrounded by a fence or wall would be “safe”. We have friends who indeed live in such a community.

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For What It’s Worth

Oh My ! Oh My ! Oh My !

A January 9th Sunset here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

This Tuesday evening, Patti and I were driving down Acoma Blvd South towards Lake Havasu to get a Froster at Circle K. I absolutely could NOT resist pulling over on the shoulder of Acoma several times (four to be exact) to snap these photos.

In the above and especially the below photo, you can see Lake Havasu in the distance.

Are .. We.. Lucky.. To.. Be.. Here.. ?

You got it Toyota!

Cap and Patti

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