Thursday, January 18th, 2024

The Balloon Fest kicked off bright and early this morning. I was out just after sunrise and snapped the below photos at a Balloon Launching Area at the corner of Querio Dr and McCulloch Blvd.  This site is very close to our apartment here in Lake Havasu City.

Here you see some balloons that have been launched a few blocks away from “our” above Balloon Launching Area.

Looking back at the front of our apartment building.

Hot Air Ballooning can be quite expensive. This is especially true if a Hot Air Balloon Team travels around the United States to participate in other Hot Air Balloon Fests. As a result, many Balloon Teams have sponsors.

The below balloon is sponsored by Kampgrounds Of America (aka KOA) a very well known camping resource.

I am more than happy to recognize KOA here.


A close up look at the “Pilot’s Basket” for the KOA Balloon.

A “peek” up into the huge balloon.

Oh My. We wait a full year for this and here we are, The  2024 Havasu Balloon Festival is underway!

Cap and Patti

3 thoughts on “JAN 19, 24 .. THE 2024 HAVASU BALLOON FEST IS UNDERWAY

  1. Olga from Chita

    Hello Cap, Hello Patti!
    As usually I read your pages with great interest! Thank you!
    Cap, you said “I am more than happy to recognize KOA here.” Does it mean that you have been in relations with this company for some period of time? Did you travel somewhere with their help?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Olga, KOA is widely renowned amongst travelers who are looking for clean and reasonable camping and overnight facilities. I personally have never stayed at a KOA campground. Smiles .. Cap

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