Today is Monday, January the 29th, 2024.

A Little Bit of This..

It was sixty six (66) years ago today, Wednesday, January the 29th, 1958 when I made one of the most momentous decisions of my life right up to this instant. I joined the United States Marine Corps. Not only was it momentous, I consider it the best decision that I have ever made in my entire life.

Semper Fi .. Proud to Serve!

– – – – – – – –

Attention: All of you who are not football fans, just scroll right past the below and call it a day!!

A Little Bit of That..

The National Football League

In our SEP 10, 23 dotnet Post I wrote..

I solemnly promise all of you that I am NOT going to go overboard covering the NFL here on dotnet during the upcoming five or so months.

I KNOW, I UNDERSTAND, that all of you real and passionate NFL fans are NOT coming here to dotnet to get your NFL news. 

Also, for my own peace of mind, I don’t want to get so involved in the NFL season that it becomes my number one focus in life.

I hope you non-sports, or non-football lovers, will agree that I did NOT “go overboard” covering the NFL games in great detail this season.

With only one more game left this season, we are right at the very end of the season. For Patti and I, these last few end-of-the-season games really occupied our minds and interest so we have gotten into more detail especially because my hometown Detroit Lions, for the very first time in thirty three (33) years, were IN the Playoffs.

Sunday January the 28th

GAME 1 – 3pm Eastern Time

The Kansas City Chiefs SHOCKED the NFL world by beating the favored Baltimore Ravens!

It was unanimous!  Not one single journalist or NFL pundit that we heard in the pre-game hype and online, predicted the Chiefs would win the game. 

The Baltimore Faithful must feel terrible!

Game 2 – 4:30pm Eastern Time

This was “My Game”.

I was born in Detroit. I was raised and educated in the greater Detroit Metropolitan area. In grade school through high school into the University of Michigan, I “followed” the Lions during the 1940’s through the 1950’s. Patti and I have watched several Lions games at Ford Field in Detroit.

With the exception of perhaps 10 years when I was living in West Germany and active in professional auto racing and traveling in India and other international destinations, I lived in the City Limits of San Francisco beginning in October of 1965 until December of 1997 when I formally moved “North to Alaska”. I am a San Francisco 49er fan. I used to ride the N Judah Streetcar out to Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park years before “My” 49ers moved to Candlestick Park then down the peninsula to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

Because it has been thirty (33) three years since the Lions were last in the NFL Playoffs, and because the Lions have never been to the Super Bowl, today I was FOR “My Lions”.

And the Lions lost. To the better team today. To MY San Francisco 49ers. And? It was OK.

Thanks Michael and Little Bit for hosting Patti and me.

– – – – – – – –

Cap and Patti


  1. Olga from Chita

    Cap, greetings!
    You remember your youth quite often, but I have never seen your photos of that time in the posts… I have photo albums with numerous photos of my mom (born in 1933), my dad (born in 1937) and their friends.
    Is it the blog rule NOT TO POST PERSONAL PHOTOS?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Olga, you wrote.. “Is it the blog rule NOT TO POST PERSONAL PHOTOS?” Olga, we have MANY, MANY, photos of myself and of Patti on our website beginning with the home page. There are NO BLOG RULES that I know of Olga. We really appreciate your comments and support Olga..Smiles.. Cap and Patti

  2. Michael

    First and foremost…..Thank You for your service to our great nation! In my humble opinion you are a True Patriot! Then as well as now, you continue to live your life with absolute honor of our blessed country, our laws and a respect for the constitutionally guaranteed equal rights of each and every countrymen, women and children. As we all should be living. My humble opinion.
    Thank you Cap and Patti for gracing my home with your love, wisdom and knowledge of all things…and our blessed common bond. I need also to hug on you both for the love, hugs and ‘petting’ you adorn Little Bit with. I shared with Patti that Little Bit’s M.O. of squeezing in between both of you on the smaller couch keeps both of you trapped with virtually no room to move your bodies in any fashion. Thank you…thank you…thank you.
    I love your embrace of watching your “home team” win, or lose. The Detroit Lions had a most spectacular season. They played this championship game with all their hearts! And they fell short a mere 3 points! It was a slug-fest, knock-down brawl between these two teams. I did make it known, too, that I could be happy with either team being the victors and heading to SB!! It was a game that provided us all with the “thrills of victory and the agony’s of defeat” as some familiar TV network used to introduce their Olympic events.
    And that, my sports fans is ‘how the ball bounces!’
    Loving you both and looking forward to watching SB on a ‘nice’ TV!
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank YOU Michael for YOUR service to our great nation! YOU are also a True Patriot! Then as well as now, you continue to live your life with absolute honor of our blessed country, our laws and a respect for the constitutionally guaranteed equal rights of everyone in our country. Michael it was so very enjoyable to watch the game with you in your lovely home with Little Bit. The Joy and Pleasure were astounding. We love Little Bit. Cap and Patti

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