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I have to chuckle. It is so nice to get all of your comments. 

For some “Years” I had a category titled : Friends of Bill

Then, and I have no reason as to “Why”, I discussed this category with Patti and we agreed it should read : Friends of Bill (notice the apostrophe between the d and the s).

Gullible emailed me correcting me. Patti and Gullible discussed it and we are back to proper grammar. Friends of Bill

Ladies and Gentleman, Sports Fans and everyone else. I am an engineer. I was NOT an English Major in school.

More important, I hope some of you who are Friends of Bill have read my January Post about the World Health Organizations opinion about alcohol!


Back to GULLIBLE..

She has published Chapter 29 of her 2023 Brazil Journals. To see it please click onto the below link.


Odd Gullible, that your above link calls Chapter 29 chapter-twenty_28. But the above link does take you to Chapter 29 for sure.

Thanks for the below photo showing the actual temperature in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska, the other day.

Over and out for now Gullilble.

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I went back to yesterday’s Post and deleted my writing about being a Sports Fan. I have re-written it. Yesterday’s Newspaper: Who goes back to re-read it? 

A Little Bit of That ..

My Philosophy About Being a Sports Fan.

In the Rooms of Recovery we ask: “Would you rather be Right? Or would you rather be Happy?”

Me? I want to strive to be happy, joyous, and free from stress.

If you’re not careful, the more rabid you are as a sports fan, the more likely you are buying a “Ticket to Hell”. Hell being upset, angry, and constantly frustrated!

The origination, the development if you will, of My Philosophy About Being a Sports Fan, all began for me on a Sunday Autumn afternoon in San Francisco in November of 1986. So, I’ve been working on this for WELL over three decades!

On that beautiful San Francisco Sunday afternoon, I was watching the San Francisco 49ers on television and the 49ers were not doing well. And? I was “Really Getting Agitated and Upset”. 

Then suddenly it “Dawned upon me!” that it was a beautiful, gorgeous, phenomenal, stunning Sunday Autumn afternoon in San Francisco and why on earth was I letting this mere sporting event upset me so much!

I then got on my bicycle, enjoyed riding across Golden Gate Park to French Hospital on 6th Avenue, and attended a 3pm afternoon meeting. During the meeting, I shared how ridiculous it was to be getting “Agitated and Upset” over a football game on a beautiful, gorgeous, phenomenal, stunning Sunday Autumn afternoon.

At that instant, I really began to look at Being a Sports Fan.

At some point in time the truth dawned upon me that “My Team”, no matter the sport, cannot possibly win each and every single game that they play. So what to do? Ask myself: Is “My Team” IN THE GAME? Does “My Team” have a legitimate chance to win the game? IF the answer is yes, “My Team” was in the game and yes “My Team” had a legitimate chance to win the game, then if “My Team” loses the game, that is going to be as good-as-it-gets for me!

Now good, old fashioned “Greed” enters the equation. We all want “More”!

In light of the Detroit Lions football game this past Sunday I want to propose to My Detroit Lions Friends the following .. After you read this I will ask you a question.

If, before the first game was played this year (September 7th for “My Lions”) you were told: For the very first time in 33 years The Lions will make the playoffs this season. Then you were told: Not only will The Lions make the Playoffs, they will host, they will have home field advantage in their first playoff game. Then they will win their home game and they will host another home game. And they will win that second Playoff game. Then they will play in the Conference Championship Game and be leading 24 – 7 at halftime, but will then lose the game by only 3 points.

My Question: Would you consider “Your Lions” had a phenomenal season?

If you say No you are kidding me. None of us thought “Our Lions” were going to go that deep into the playoffs. One win shy of the Super Bowl. 

But “Greed” enters. We won the first Playoff game in 33 years so being “Greedy” we want to win the second game. Which we did. Then comes the Conference Championship game with the San Francisco 49ers. We won the first half! We were leading 24 – 7 at halftime! 

And we lost. And a lot of my Detroit Lions Fans are upset! 

Over what? Just look at this past season. “Greed”. Look at all the Lions accomplished and we “Want More”!

There are thirty two (32) teams in the NFL. Thirty one (31) of them WILL either lose their final game of their season or will disappoint their fans. And, at least some of their fans will be “Agitated and Upset”!

So I can “Live with My San Francisco 49ers beating My Detroit Lions”.

I will close with this: Today, IF I think that watching a sporting event is going to upset me, I simply don’t watch it. I DO NOT WANT ANY Sporting Event to alter how I am feeling!

I don’t read newspapers for the same reason!

And you? If YOU are a Sports Fan, do YOU want to be happy, joyous and free from stress?


Cap and Patti

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