Winter up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Fair weather photos of our Condo bedroom window.

A photo taken yesterday, January the 31st, 2024! Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable!

Thanks Eva for shooting the above photo for us!

– – – – – – – –

Your Captain’s Latest Mini-Disaster

Why, Oh Why, am I showing you the below mini-disaster?


Just because!

Our local Circle K Gas Station and Convenience Store.

This is where we buy our Frosters.

Then we “pay for them” in the below slick, fully automated, payment device. I set the Froster down, enter my own “personal code” and Bingo I have paid for it because I am a member of the Circle K “Sip ‘N Save” Program. For $10.75 we get one Froster a Day for 30 days. Buying an individual Froster costs $1.30. So I “pay” for the first nine Frosters and all the rest are “no cost”. IF we were to get 30, they would cost $0.36 each. A nice deal.

Out of 30 visits, we will enjoy 28 Frosters out in front and “people watch”. The other 2 we will take home and finish at home or .. once in awhile .. put what remains..

into our refrigerator over night.

Well now you need to know something. I am constantly “dropping” things. Things Captain? Yes THINGS! 

IF something can be held. I can, and far too often, I will drop whatever it is I am holding. From my own kitchen utensils (forks, knives, spoons, vitamins, etc) to “you name it”.

So the other day, in the early afternoon, I reached into our refrigerator to get a left over Froster and? I tipped it over and dropped it on the top shelf of our refrigerator!

I created a Red,



Yes! The Froster I dropped was very full!

And liquids being liquids, the red sticky mess followed gravity!

So I had to completely unload our refrigerator!

I thought the top shelf above was clean. It was NOT clean. The red, sticky, mess got underneath its divider.

It took God Almighty, working with me, to remove the shelves. A real puzzle. NO! They didn’t just simply pull straight out! But I had to remove them to get them clean!

Well! All’s Well That Ends Well. From start to finish this took one very full hour. As a result of a lot of bending and wrestling with the shelves etc  “FOR a few days, my leg and back muscles let me know they were not too pleased!”

I know other Senior Citizens who are experiencing the same issues that I am experiencing. Some of them are not at all happy. No! Not one of us is immune to the challenges of aging. Maybe, just maybe, one of you will feel just a little bit better knowing YOU are not alone with this aging process.

Over and out for this Post.

Cap and the ever patient Patti who labors to read these Posts and “clean them up for me”!



  1. Gullible

    Sorry, but I had to laugh at the sticky red syrup mess in the fridge. If you’re going to make a mess, make a big one. I opened my fridge door recently and a carton of eggs took a death- defying leap to the floor, managing to rack some against the shelves on the way down. Gooey mess! Julie messaged to see if I needed anything from the big city and I told her about the eggs. “Restless ‘egg’ syndrome,”She said.

  2. Michael

    Gullible! “Restless Egg Syndrome!” Now, that’s just too dang funny!

    Cap! Yes, I feel better already! Accident’s can…and will…happen to each and everyone of us! Thank goodness I’ve learned to laugh at myself for some of the ‘revolting developments’ (as William Bendix defined his never-ending stream of onscreen faux-paux’s!). I’ve mentioned the Hazelden Press short story, ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’, by Dan Millman. The storyline of the book states: “The only laws in life are Paradox, Humor and Change!” Gosh, how often I use one, or all three to describe my encounters with life!
    Most assuredly I so relate to your spilling on the top shelf…only later to discover that it has seeped below and beyond. And the disassembly of those shelves sometimes is a bit challenging….no matter what vocational or professional expertise we’ve gained over the years.
    One thing is for certain. The refrigerator usually needed some cleaning, and now that we’ve gone full bore, it’s a true work of art and poetry when we’ve finished! lol
    Sending love and ((hugs!)) to both you and Patti!
    Michael and Little Bit.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You Michael for your “heartfelt” comment regarding my Circle K Froster that I inadvertently tipped over in our refrigerator. Smiles Michael. More Smiles Michael. Cap

  3. Kathleen Brady

    Oh Cap!! My heart went out to you with that mess. I haven’t spilled anything in the fridge in quite a while but I remember what a pain it is to disassemble and then try to wash huge items without getting water all over. It’s an exhausting job although I do enjoy seeing a nice clean refrigerator afterward.

    I hope you aren’t too stiff and sore. Maybe an Epsom salt soak?

    I was reading someone’s story about how when they would drop something messy, their mother would say “well, that spot will soon be clean.” I thought it a brilliant way to see an annoying mess. And of course, I soon had the opportunity to put it to use. It did make me less annoyed and even made me smile.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Nice Kathleen. Thanks. It really did take a couple of days for my legs and back to “recover”. Maybe you will be extra careful in your Fridge for awhile. THAT spot will soon be clean. Wise words from a wise Mother. Cap

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