FEB 3, 24 .. A MILESTONE .. SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2022 TO FEBRUARY 3rd, 2024 .. 500 CONSECUTIVE DAYS.

The above title “Says It All”. 

WE (Patti and myself, and ALL OF YOU ) have published a Post for five hundred consecutive days!

– – – – – – – –

On Tuesday, September the 20th, 2022, I published a short Post here on dotnet sharing the below nice thought.

A friend is a close companion on rainy days.

Someone to share with through every life phase.

Forgiving and helping to bring out our best.

Believing the good and forgetting the rest.

Then I posted the below photo of a Subway Tuna Footlong Sandwich that Patti and I enjoyed that Tuesday evening.

And That Was That for that long ago and forgotten Post here on dotnet.

– – – – – – – – 

Wednesday, September the 21st, 2022, I did NOT publish a Post. No Big Deal! So What?

So Nothing at all!

– – – – – – – –

Thursday, September the 22nd, 2022, The Autumnal Equinox, I published a Post about the Equinox. 

And That Was That for yet another long ago and forgotten Post here on dotnet.

No Big Deal! So What?

So Nothing at all!

Did I Just Write .. So Nothing at all??

Did you notice one of the subtitles of this Post: We NEVER Know.

We NEVER Know .. How in the world was I to know that the Thursday, September the 22nd, 2022 Post was to be Number One, the very first, in a series of Five Hundred (500) consecutive days in which I published a Post??

“Not I Said The Little Red Hen?”

– – – – – – – –

When did I realize that I was “On A Streak Of Consecutive Days” that I would publish a Post?

I am absolutely, totally, unable to answer that question! 

December 30th, 2022, was the One Hundredth (100) consecutive day of Posts. It was a good Post. BUT there was not one hint that I had gone one hundred consecutive days never missing publishing a Post. 


Easter Sunday, April 9th, 2023, was the Two Hundredth (200) consecutive day of Posts. There was not one hint in this Post that I had gone two hundred consecutive days never missing publishing a Post. IF I was thinking about it, I sure wasn’t saying one word about it here on dotnet.

July 18th, 2023, was the Three Hundredth (300) consecutive day of Posts. And YES! In this Post I “addressed” The String of 300 Posts. And I added a new Category: The Streak – 2022 / 2023

So some time between April the 9th and July the 18th, I became “very conscious” of the String of Consecutive Posts.

September 21st, 2023 .. Was One Full Year of not missing one day publishing a Post.

October 26th, 2023 ..  We, all of US, celebrated our Four Hundredth (400) consecutive days of Posts.

February 3rd, 2024 .. Here we are. Five Hundred (500) consecutive days of Posts.

– – – – – – – –

My thoughts!

Where To Now? When will this streak end? I have said repeatedly that I do not plan to deliberately miss some future day just to end this “Streak”.  So I don’t have a clue as to Where To Now.

Could it be that maybe, just maybe, it would be a good thing to stop the streak? Do I really need to publish daily Posts here on dotnet? My other websites miss me! I can’t cover them as I would like to.

It is amazing! There are so many things (beginning with my health) that well may stop this “Streak”. Do all of you really believe that every day for the past 500 days I have “Felt Like Doing A Post”? Ask Patti about that. Now, this instant (I was up until 4am last night working on Posts) I wonder what is “holding me up”.

Add onto the list of challenges the challenge of daily living. Daily living can be demanding and exhausting! Shopping, preparing meals, medical appointments and health issues, quality time together with each other, attending meetings, etc!

The List could go on and on and on some more.

Computer issues! Internet / WiFi issues. The day IS coming when my webmaster Andrej (who hasn’t done a website “overhaul” for well over a year) will need to shut down dotnet for several days. Natural Disasters. An earthquake. A flood. A fire. etc. could stop us.

– – – – – – – –

This is NOT about me. No! This is about all of YOU !

I must give credit for this accomplishment to each and every single one of YOU who follow us with your support. Without YOU and your support, and comments, and contributions (especially of photographs) there is no way this could have been accomplished.

Each and every single one of you who follow us are important. Without each and every single one of you, this 500 Day Anniversary, or the previous ones, would never, ever, have happened! That I could actually accomplish this is 100% because of each and every single one of YOU!


Cap and Patti

Oops I pressed the wrong key!

Here we are!

2 thoughts on “FEB 3, 24 .. A MILESTONE .. SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2022 TO FEBRUARY 3rd, 2024 .. 500 CONSECUTIVE DAYS.

  1. Gullible

    Now that’s an accomplishment that requires dedication, hard work, imagination, and perseverance. Keep it up for as long as you can, If you miss a day, should we wait 24 hours before calling911 to report you missing, or have you paged at your favorite casino?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Coming from you Gullible, that is a very welcome comment. Thanks so very, VERY, much. IF I miss a day? THAT IS the $64,000 Question. Will I just stop cold? Even I don’t have the answer. The entire premise of my websites was to share my world travels. This is no longer the case. Has my site dotnet become “Facebook like”. Again thanks so very, VERY, much for all of your support for over a full decade. Cap

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