This Post is dated Saturday, February the 10th, because that is when it is going to be published. Like your very own daily newspaper, its news is about the prior day. Not so for online news that can be instant news in the now.

The real time this instant is 11:40pm, Friday evening, February the 9th.

Today’s Drastic Understatement : I’d rather be going to bed than putting this Post together. Patti can’t believe that I am still up and functioning after the past two days of preparing and packing for this week in Phoenix. 

So why am I doing this? Because (quote Peyton Manning) “It’s What I Do!”

Here we go Loop De Loop..

– – – – – – – –

Thursday, February the 8th, 2024

All day long I kept saying to Patti, I can’t grasp that tomorrow we are actually going to be on the road to Phoenix; tomorrow this time we’ll be passing through Parker, Arizona; Boise, Arizona; on Interstate 10 East to Phoenix; checking in at Motel 6 on West Bell Road in Phoenix; sitting in a meeting at 56th Street and Shea Blvd; driving back to shop at Sam’s Club; Teriyaki Chicken in our room; etc, etc. It was a day dominated with “How am I going to pull this together?”

– – – – – – – – 

Friday, February the 9th, 2024

It was 5:26am and I was up far, FAR, earlier than I wanted to be so I “reconsidered” and went back to bed until 7:30am when I “more or less” had to get up and get us going. I had hoped to be on the road at 10am. It was nothing short of a miracle that we actually were on the road heading for Phoenix at 11:02am. It was “critical” for us to be at Motel 6 on West Bell Road in Phoenix at, or before, 3pm to get a room we preferred and we do have strong preferences for certain rooms. Because we are staying a full 7 days we wanted one of “our rooms”. It’s usually at least a four hour drive for us. I set a record for us. Three and one half hours later, 222 miles later, at 2:30pm we pulled into Motel 6. Google Maps is unimpressed. They say this drive is 3 hours and 21 minutes. Never ever have I been this close to their timing.

OMG! Patti “Room 140. Our Number One Room is being made up. It ” looks like it’s available”.

I zipped into the office. “Sir we only have one room available at this time.” “I want Room 140.” “Sir it’s not available now.” “Is room 140 reserved for tonight? Is anyone staying over?” “No but it’s not available now.” “Fine. Just Fine. My wife and I will sit here, in our truck, and we will wait until Room 140 is available.” 35 minutes, maybe 40 minutes later Room 140 was made up and it belongs to us for 7 days. BTW. We went into Room 140 as it was being made available and used the rest room because the staff was elsewhere for about 15 minutes. I “watched out for Patti”. Then Patti “watched out while I used the restroom”. We are “Road Warriors!”

During this time we texted YOU and some others about our whereabouts.

– – – – – – – –

Then after we secured our room 140, off we went to our 5:30pm “Best Meeting Anywhere Anytime” at 56th Street and Shea. Lots of old acquaintances welcomed us.

The members of the Group are VERY caring. They don’t want anyone to have any hunger pangs during a meeting!!

Oh BTW. There were probably fifty (50) members present! It was jam packed. Not one empty chair.

– – – – – – – –

After the meeting off to Sam’s Club for two bags of popcorn.

Notice my eyeglasses! Those are BIG bags of popcorn!!

Oh Come On! Tomorrow, Sunday February the 11th, IS SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

Patti and I have to have something to “Munch On” during the game.

– – – – – – – –

Then Asian Wai.

The lady who is ALWAYS behind the counter here greeted me warmly saying she had not seen me in a while.  (We were last here about 10 or 11 months ago.) She told me we usually get Cashew Chicken, SO.. obviously she remembers me! Teriyaki Chicken was my choice today, eaten and enjoyed in our room 140.

Good Lord it tasted awesome. It was “To Die For Good”. Much MUCH better than it looks in the above photo!!

– – – – – – – –

Saturday, February the 10th, 2024

At least one meeting. Maybe two. We also will visit a 93 year young dear friend.

– – – – – – – –

1:29am and once again my “Credibility of being fatigued” has been shot-to-hell!

Smiling. Patti “We Done It Again”

Cap and Patti .. Riding shotgun with me!

Thank You Room 140. Never. Never Ever. Has your WiFi been as good as it has been tonight. 

4 thoughts on “FEB 10, 24 .. SAFE INTO PHOENIX..MOTEL 6.. A MEETING.. ASIAN WEI..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      No not at all Gullible. We are now in a totally different room. The ceiling of the bathroom of our other room was repaired on the spot while we were in the room but it was in a location on the back side of the motel and not convenient to handicapped parking. Unreal you recall that adventure. Smiles .. Cap

  1. Michael

    Goodie Gumdrops! You two are batting a big 1000%. Even so far as to use the bathroom in Rm. 140 whilst the door guards kept watch! lol Sounds like a great trip thus far. Always a true delight to reconnect with dear companions! The 56th and Shea group certainly is a generous bunch. There’s enough food for a small banquet!
    BTW…your ‘white cheddar’ popcorn certainly look scrumptious. I queried my sponsor (resides in Heber, UT) what his plans were for Superbowl Sunday. He said he has all the fixin’s for a zesty guacamole dip and a bag of Toritos. That sounded like a winner to me. I have all the fixin’s ‘cept the tortilla chips. Guess who’s making a trip to Smith’s prior to tomorrow’s game? lol
    Enjoy your grand adventure (one of a gazillion!) and let’s pray for a good game tomorrow, eh?
    Lova ya,
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much Michael for another thoughtful comment. Patti and I were the “Door Guards”. Yes the 56th Street and Shea Blvd group always has a lot of routine and home made special treats. We really appreciate them. Odd that we seem to “get an appetite for them” when we attend meetings there. You can get the Smart Food White Cheddar Cheese popcorn in many places but Sam’s Club has the gigantic bags. Your sponsor’s Super Bowl treats sound great. On the healthy side. I am mentally prepared for “The Best Team” will win the game tomorrow. Of course I hope “My 49ers” win. Hopefully the referees won’t “Take Over” the game. Smiles Michael .. Cap and Patti

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