Back we go to 1965 and the Beau Brummels and their hit song “Laugh Laugh”..

Because Patti HAD NEVER EVER HEARD this song, and didn’t understand why I used it here, others also may not know it. 

One of the resounding repetitive lyrics of their song are .. Laugh Laugh I thought I’d die it seemed so funny to me .. 

Hi Ginny .. 

Like all human beings, beginning with me, Ginny is having some life challenges.

Beginning over a year and a half ago, June of 2022, Ginny has been facing some very serious medical challenges. To this instant, our medical system has not been able to relieve Ginny of her ongoing discomfort and severe pain. 

Last night I texted Ginny and asked her for an update.

Ginny sent us the below emoji !


Oh My Goodness! What an absolutely perfect Emoji for Ginny to send us to express how she is feeling!

So Patti and I called Ginny and, as we were on the phone together, we three got to laughing at how perfect this little Emoji is!

And, maybe, to some teeny weeny itty bitty amount, Ginny got perhaps a full minute of relief from her severe pain.

I absolutely could not find the Emoji on my smart phone. Patti got on her smart phone and found Ginny’s above Emoji. Using some tricks that Ginny has taught me, I managed to get the above Emoji here onto this Post.

– – – – – – – –

Because of some internet issues here in our Motel 6, it has taken me a full hour to get this far. It’s almost 12:24am. Patti and I have Day Two at the Mayo Clinic in the morning and I can’t be up half the night fussing with this exasperatingly slow internet.

Laugh Laugh Ginny, We thought we’d die!

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “FEB 13, 24 .. GINNY.. LAUGH, LAUGH, I THOUGHT I’D DIE.. ONE GREAT EMOJI..

  1. Ginny

    So GREATFUL to still be able to laugh despite my circumstances! And God is faithful and will find the answer which I believe is on the way! Thanks Cap and Patti for all your encouragement! Glad this little darling gave some laughter to us all 🤦‍♀️!! With love and many hugs!!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It all just seemed to “come together” Ginny when we received the wonderful (call it) OMG emoji. It was so nice to just laugh together we three! Laugh Laugh just hit me too! Smiles, Hugs and Love Ginny.

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