Our great friend and supporter Danny, “Dates Back” to the Autumn of 1988 when we two met at a Sunday morning meeting in Berkley, Michigan.

On October the 30th of 1990 I landed in New Delhi, India. This was my very first trip to India.

In early January of 1991, with pen in hand on a pad of paper, I began to handwrite about my adventures in India. I would then “snail mail” copies of my writings to a select few friends. Danny was one of the select few. So, along with a number of others, Danny “Dates Way Back”. 

I eventually graduated from hand written pages sent by snail mail to email pages which were so much faster and easier for me than hand writing about my adventures in India.

Finally in August of 2011, my webmaster Andrej and I created this website.

All the while Danny and many others were “following along” with me.


Danny with young Patrick who lives on Danny’s UPS Route.

Danny has a precious daughter Hannah. Hannah is a graduating senior at the University of Maryland. She was selected to be a 10 week “Intern” at The Washington Post this upcoming summer. This is quite a prestigious honor! It could, and it may not, lead to a permanent job with The Washington Post. Hannah was selected by several other very prestigious newspapers (The Wall Street Journal was one!) for a summer internship and one promised a full time position at the conclusion of her internship but Hannah opted for The Washington Post.

Below are a few “snippets” about this opportunity for Hannah.


And! Taa Daa. IF you want to see the entire article, just click onto the below link.


Congratulations Hannah and proud father Danny.

– – – – – – – –

Cap and Patti

5 thoughts on “FEB 21, 24 .. DANNY48073.. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU AND FOR HANNAH..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Gullible. I don’t know how I would publish them. Any thoughts?

      How about this Gullible! Go to this link .. babakaps.net/?p=553 .. This will take you to Part 1 of 4 of my writings dating back to AUG 08, 2008. I did NOT have a website then. So I didn’t publish and photographs. My Question : Did you find it of interest?? Please let me know. Cap

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