Yesterday afternoon, Thursday March the 7th, Patti and I arrived HOME SAFE IN LAKE HAVASU CITY in spite of an extremely dangerous and challenging torrential downpour as we rolled West heading out of Phoenix. Pure and simple, it was one of the most severe rain storms that I myself have ever experienced. I have NEVER experienced an Autumn Hurricane that the East Coast is prone to having. I have experienced Monsoon Rains in India.

Dangerous? Yes Oh Yes! When you are in extremely dense, almost bumper-to-bumper traffic, travelling in the 75 miles per hour range, barely able to see the road for the rain, it truly IS DANGEROUS!!

But in the final analysis, All Is Well That Ends Well. By the time we were approaching Lake Havasu City, the sun was out and the day was bright.

– – – – – – – –


Today, Friday March the 8th, at 9:05am, I am lucky and fortunate to be visiting an Ophthalmologist here in Lake Havasu City to determine why I have, rather suddenly, gone blind in my left eye.

I called my Ophthalmologist in Anchorage and she said .. “See an Ophthalmologist immediately as in ASAP.”

On Tuesday, February the 27th, after getting a referral from my primary care doctor here in Lake Havasu City, I showed up “unannounced” at a local eye clinic asking to see an Ophthalmologist. A technician came out to see me and we spoke. She asked if I could come in Wednesday the 6th of March. No because we were going to be in Phoenix at the Mayo Clinic. How about Friday, March the 8th? I said yes BUT there is a chance the Mayo Clinic will add an appointment to our Mayo visit. She said, “Take the Friday appointment. IF you can’t make it cancel and we’ll rebook it but our doctors are extremely busy and overscheduled.”

When does it get easy?

I feel “Macular Degeneration” has come to visit me. My Anchorage Ophthalmologist has been actively “tracking this” for several years. I have been taking two AREDS (Age Related Eye Disease Studies) Mini Soft Gels for the past 5 years. Last November, she gave me a “clean bill of health” and now here I am.

Reality Has Struck.

I have this “Streak of Posts” going here on dotnet (534 days). Wouldn’t it be something if the streak ends because I go blind??

– – – – – – – –

I wish I had more, and I DO have more, but I am exhausted from the past week of Mayo Clinic appointments, and the drive down and back in challenging weather today, and and and!

I’m going to bed. Tomorrow may be quite a day.

Cap and Patti

7 thoughts on “MAR 8, 24 .. HOME SAFE IN LAKE HAVASU CITY.. EYE ISSUES..

  1. Gullible

    I’m sure you are Googling the heck out of the eye problem. My guess. A vein stopped blood to the retina or a TIA. Hope it’s something temporary.

    Macular degeneration, retinal detachment, etc. do not come on suddenly. Relax. Don’t make it worse by freaking out. It came on suddenly and most likely will heal itself in the short term.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      For some five years now my ophthalmologist up in Anchorage has been carefully tracking this. For the same five years I have been taking the AHREDS supplement twice a day. What came on suddenly was the “cloud” or the “curtain”. This is a new and not a good development. Yes it is not sudden. Smiles .. Cap

  2. Gullible

    Wait a minute. Wait just a darned minute, there, pardner. After re-reading this I surmise you went blind in one eye on February 27, yet you drove to Phoenix, drove through all the traffic there to get to and from your multiple doctor appointments, then drove at 75mph back to Lake Havasu City in an hellacious downpour, all while blind in one eye??!!! And with Patti in the ‘Burb? If that’s true, you need your butt kicked!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      You friend Gullible do not understand Macular Degeneration. I can not read print with my left eye. I am “blind” in what is called a “cloud” or a “curtain” which is a relatively small area directly in front of you. With a good right eye, that good right eye is also seeing clearly straight ahead so you aren’t hindered except for reading print. Again the good right eye covers for the left eye. The left eye has good peripheral vision. So I am somewhat overstating “going blind” but I am not now in the advanced stage. There are people who have only one eye Gullible. I knew one. He did just fine. Patti will agree that I was the one to drive and not her. Smiles .. Cap

      1. Gullible

        Cap. I ” do not understand macular degeneration”? I have it.

        And a cloud or fuzzy spot in the eye does not equate with blind. You have lost some vision in one eye, right? But you are not blind. You can see light and dark.

        What did the ophthalmologist say?

        1. Gullible

          By the way, I developed some scar tissue a couple years after cataract surgery and had to have it removed by laser.

          I don’t understand how your Anchorage ophthalmologist can give you a clean bill of health and then you suddenly have a fuzzy spot.

          1. Cap Chastain Post author

            Dry MD is the precursor to Wet MD. I have read that when it advances from Dry to Wet MD it can be sudden. So in November my Dry MD was stable. Then evidently came the progression to Wet MD. That’s all I can figure. Cap

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