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Snakes In The Arizona Lakes

The below screen shot “caught my eye” while trying NOT to “surf on Google”. 

Let me tell you. Some very smart people are “out to get you to Google things” and yes they sure “caught me”!

So I clicked onto the above “Google lure” and off we went.

Arizona and Texas are the top two states for the snake population.

Below, in order, are the top 5 snake infested lakes here in Arizona.

Last year, at Lake Pleasant, a gopher snake (which is nonvenomous) actually slithered aboard a family’s motorboat after swimming determinedly towards it from some distance. Rattlesnakes have also been filmed swimming across the surface.

IF (a very BIG IF) you would like to read more, below is a link that will transport you to the above information.

I often wonder if some of you, after clicking onto a link here on dotnet, after looking over the link, have trouble returning back to the Post. 

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National What Day? Our favorite Today is .. Taa Daa .. National Nougat Day.

March 26th celebrates, along with two others, a soft and chewy or sometimes hard and crunchy candy often found at the center of a candy bar.

Guess What? I have just subscribed to The National Day Calendar.

I can always “unsubscribe”.

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Monday, March the 25th ..


I really like the mini Lighthouse that welcomes boats into, and exiting from, the Bridgewater Channel from Lake Havasu.

In the above and below photos, you can also see a very high speed racing boat.  

A good crowd on a very nice Monday.

Hi Rocky.

Let’s have a go Rocky.

I “invested” $20 in Rocky. My “return” was $15. 

A very nice afternoon ferry ride, giving Rocky 40 spins, and hanging out with Eddie, cost me $5.

See you next Monday.

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Well another small miracle has just happened. Another Post has come to life here.

Smiling .. Cap and the ever amazed Patti

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