It’s National Banana Day, National Ellis Island Family History Day, National Cheeseball Day, International Bat Appreciation Day, International Haiku Poetry Day, BLAH BLAH BLAH Day, Ford Mustang Day, Herbalist Day, 2A Day… and more!

We liked the the following the best.

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE A DAME DAY .. There’s Nothing Like a Dame Day is celebrated on April 17. The day was created to honor the women of the theater and films. The idea was further popularized when veteran actresses Dames Eileen Atkins, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, and Maggie Smith came together for the documentary “There’s Nothing Like a Dame.” We are here to show you how you can celebrate the day in the best way possible and tell you how the term ‘Dame’ has changed over the years. It went from being a female ruler to something that referred to all women. In the U.K., a Dame is a woman who has been honored for her work for a long time.

In the fourteenth century, the title ‘Dame’ was a sign of honor to women. In places like the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, ‘Dame’ was the feminine counterpart of ‘Sir,’ which was for men. The chivalric order, ‘The Order of Ermine,’ was the first to recognize women. There were many notable women knights throughout the Middle Ages. Previously, the term ‘Dame’ referred to the wife of a knight. In the seventeenth century, it was replaced by ‘Lady.’ In the twentieth century, the term ‘dame’ referred to all women. In 1932, the film “Dames,” a musical comedy, was released. It had many popular dance numbers like “The Girl at the Ironing Board” and “Try to See It My Way.”

In 1949, “South Pacific,” a musical, came out. It featured the song “There’s Nothing Like a Dame,” in which seven sailors sang, longing for women in their lives.

There is nothin’ like a dame—
Nothin’ in the world!
There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a dame.

In 2018, British theater and television director Roger Michell made the film documentary “Nothing Like a Dame Day,” which starred actresses of yesteryears like Judy Dench, Joan Plowright, and Maggie Smith. The documentary shed light on these women’s lives and how theater and cinema changed over the years. In the U.S., the documentary went by “Tea With The Dames.”

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Sam and Ginny .. 


We can hardly believe that it is yet another Wednesday Evening Survivor Episode Day.

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Cap and Patti

BTW, I had my heart echocardiogram as scheduled yesterday afternoon. Now we will await the interpretation of the test results by a Doctor.


4 thoughts on “APR 17, 24 .. NATIONAL TODAY.. SURVIVOR DAY..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Gullible I expect to receive a “clean and clear Bill of Health” from the Echocardiogram. What I believe is this : I am dealing with long term Covid-19 issues. Long Covid-19 symptoms themselves “echo” other health issues like shortness of breath, balance issues, fatigue, brain fog, etc. That is why my Mayo Doctors (with whom I have discussed these issues for several years now) wanted to “rule out” legitimate heart issues. We will see. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Kit THIS comment was a Spiritual Gift from you and from the Universe. Thanks so very much Kit. I am writing a Post around your comment. Smiles .. Cap

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