APRIL 15th 2024


Both the lake, and the casino, are part and parcel of my Monday trips across Lake Havasu to the Havasu Landing Casino.

– – – – – – – –


Just look at what a pleasant ferry boat ride it is!

Going over to Havasu Landing Casino, our 2pm boat was not crowded.

Returning to Lake Havasu City on the 3:30pm boat, it was a totally different story.

Going over with us, was an employee of the Casino.

I have seen this gentleman many times on the ferry. I have never ever approached him figuring he would NOT want to be bothered by people with Slot Machine Questions.

Well my neighbor, “My Man Eddie” struck up a conversation with him!

Because Eddie has been making three trips a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) over to the Casino for some years now, for all I know, Eddie may know him.

Anyway Eddie asked him, “What machine should I bet on?” .. The Slot Machine Technician snapped right back! “Bet on your Banks ATM!”

So then I said to him, “It is amazing the good information that is available on-line about Slot Machines!” 

He totally agreed.

The three of us had a nice visit. I let him pick out a Pocket Spiritual Stone saying, “You just hit a winner!” and let him pick out a stone. 

He picked out Health and really liked it. A Health stone is NOT shown below.

Back to today’s ferry boat ride.

We are almost to the Casino.

Outward bound, heading to the Casino, on the right side of the ferry is this beautiful little lighthouse.

On the return to Lake Havasu City, on the other side of the channel is the below very attractive lighthouse that called out to me saying, “Dad! Oh Dad! You never ever take my photo. Dad how about today Dad!”

Yes indeed YOU too are very attractive!

Thanks Dad!

My pleasure!

– – – – – – – –


Now the Slot Machine adventure. I only played Rocky today (Monday the 15th).

I began by playing $20 (bet in $5 increments) with each spin being for 50 cents. My plan was to play 40 games. After my initial 40 games you can see the results.

I bet (spent) $20 and I won $19.52. At this point, the cost of my trip was $0.48 or forty eight cents.

My mission, my goal, is for any visit to cost me $5 or less. Here I sat with today’s trip costing me forty eight cents!

Did I stop, having enjoyed an exceptional day to this point?

No I did not!

I went “after the carrot” that Rocky was dangling before me! Based upon the above figures, I felt that “I had the hot hand!”

So I decided to play another ten games ($5).

I won ten cents ($0.10). 

So I played another ten games ($5).

I won seventy four cents ($0.74).

So after betting $10 and winning $0.84 (eighty four cents) ..

The cost of today’s visit was now $9.64. 

I bet $30 and I won $20.36.

Did I stop “chasing Rocky’s carrot” and “call it still a good day”?

Yes.. I.. stopped!! 

A Subway Sandwich costs us this much! 

The day, the boat ride, the weather and the visiting were well worth $10. 

BUT !!

I can see, by my own actual experience, why playing the slot machines and participating in many other forms of gambling can get some people (not everyone) into deep trouble.

– – – – – – – –


NATIONAL WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS TO WORK DAY.. Each year on April 16th, National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day allows us a reprieve after meeting a late-night deadline shuffling receipts, and adding columns to file our taxes. Fun.

While some people call this day “the best holiday of the year,” it was created for fun. Wearing pajamas to work creates a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere especially for those accountants, tax preparers, and last-minute filers. Wearing pajamas offers a little relief from the nail biting and stress that often comes with filing taxes. The day helps to let go of the anxiety and offers a few more minutes of sleep for those who pushed the deadline to the limit.

NATIONAL ORCHID DAY.. Each year on April 16th, National Orchid Day recognizes one of the world’s diverse and widespread flowering plant families. The orchids’ often colorful and fragrant blooms grow in abundance around the world. Along with the Asteraceae, they are one of the two largest families of flowering plants, with between 21,950 and 26,049 currently accepted species. Not only are they prolific, but they range in size from the 2.1 mm wide Platystele jungermannioides to broad-bloomed Grammatophyllum speciosum. Flowers.

While some find the orchid challenging to grow, others find pleasure in their pleasant fragrance and uncommon beauty. With so many varieties to choose from, anyone can enjoy the beauty from home or by visiting botanical gardens around the world.

– – – – – – – –

We are now into today. Tuesday, April the 16th. At 12:30pm I have a medical procedure (an echocardiogram) of my heart. 

It’s now 1:27am. It IS Bedtime.

Cap and Patti

Yes Oh Yes ! Monday was a Grand Day !


  1. Michael

    So happy to see your low desert explorations and interactions with the multitudes of personalities. Characters, each and everyone of us have a story. I love the diversity and mixing of both local residents and visitors as it brings us much depth and color as we share our journeys, both here in the present spectacular beauty of the southwest deserts and those from folks near and far and their diverse walks in life. I love the spiritual refrain “We are all here walking each other home!”
    Have another exciting adventure, my besties, Cap and Patti!
    Love you.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Michael. Yes, we ARE INDEED interacting with a lot of people and enjoying our time here. I was not familiar with the phrase .. “We are all here walking each other home!” .. THAT is indeed profound. Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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