JUN 5, 24 .. THE WHITE RAVEN (revisited).. NATIONAL TODAY..

Last March the 14th, 2024, in response to the below photo that our friend Chris here in Anchorage sent to Patti..

We did a very complete Post, about The Belle of Spenard.

Thank you Gullible for “coining this term”. 

IF you would like to revisit the above Post, you may do so by “clicking onto” the below link.


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THE WHITE RAVEN (revisited)..

Yesterday Patti found another very interesting article about The White Raven and showed it to me.

This would make Patti “Our Guest Contributor” today! 

The link below will take you to an outstanding article, courtesy of Alaska Public Media / PBS / npr, and Rhonda McBride KNBA – Anchorage, and others, that will provide a very complete update about our Belle of Spenard. 


The above article names photographers and gives credits due to contributors. 

One photographer, Glen Klinkhart, has stated that he has shot over 10,000 photos of The White Raven. Can you imagine? I can’t!

If time is an issue, and you only wish to look at some photos, without reading the details about each of them, you can see them below.

There you have our Revisit to The White Raven of Anchorage and points South.

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Oh My Goodness! A White Black Raven! That makes me laugh, not roar!!

We’re going to stay over here in Africa where things are “more normal”!

I am so sorry. I have no idea where the above rascals came from!

Did I get a little smile from anyone?

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Trust me! Today I did not need Patti to help me select a great holiday for the two of us!

The big victory is one like this. A Holiday that we have actually participated in!!


Hot Air Balloon Day presents an opportunity to glorify this mode of aviation and to increase awareness of flight transportation. Hot air ballooning is currently used recreationally, even though inaccessible to many. It has also been customized into different shapes, sizes, and beautiful colors.

Hot Air Balloon Day is celebrated on June 5 and we’ll be having an extraordinary celebration this year, ranging from taking a hot air balloon flight, going through the historical facts, and, of course, learning some basics in case you aspire to become a hot air balloon pilot someday. Did you know that the hot air balloon is the oldest form of aviation? Although not as advanced as they are today, they’ve been around since the 18th century, which was a time when appreciating the beautiful landscapes from above with a helicopter wasn’t an option.

Flying in a hot air balloon is one of the most adventurous ways of appreciating the science behind them and seeing the world from a different point of view. Although the celebration of Hot Air Balloon Day dates back about a decade, the history of hot air balloons traces back to ancient Chinese culture and military tactics, where airborne lanterns were released in the air as a cultural practice and military signal respectively.

Two brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier invented the hot air balloon in France and flew it for the first time in 1783. They publicly demonstrated the flight, which lasted for 10 minutes and had only animals on board. A few months later, Jean François Pilatre de Rozier became the first human to take a hot air balloon ride. In the 1950s, Paul Edward Yost, an American who invented the modern-day hot air balloon, advanced the way hot air balloons operate. His invention saw the addition of a propane burner engine to the hot air balloon which generates and pumps through the mouth of the envelope (balloon). During the test, the balloon flight lasted for an hour.

So far, neither Patti nor I have ever gone up for a Hot Air Balloon Ride. I have had the opportunity and politely declined.

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That’s All For Today Folks!

Cap and Patti

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