It is raining and it is raining and it is raining.. it IS the Monsoon Season.. last night while.. sleeping soundly and deeply.. I was almost (literally) KNOCKED OUT OF MY BED BY THE HORRIFIC CRASH OF A THUNDER BOLT FROM HELL.. IF I MYSELF FREAKED OUT OVER THE LIGHTNING BOLT .. THINK OF WHAT YOU WOULD DO PATTI 99501!..

So I got up and there it was.. a literal river of water coming into my room from the hallway outside of my room said hallway being INSIDE OF MY HOTEL.. how many of YOU have been in a hotel where the rain outside the hotel came running into your room from the hallway inside your hotel outside your door..

I talked about this in a prior writing.. so out came the saved-for-this-exact-event newspapers to make a ‘dam’ outside my door to stop that flow from coming in.. and to begin to ‘sop up’ the water river and lake inside my room..

AH THE NEWSPAPERS.. NOTHING ABOUT SIKKIM and its earthquake in today’s paper.. yesterday it was buried on page 6 in the front section and today.. zippo.. de nada.. forget it..

Nawab Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi was buried and placed to rest.. WHAT A GREAT MAN AND NATIONAL HERO.. so proud to have met him in person.. Rest In Peace Nawabsaheb..

Over and Out with LOVE.. Cap..