First .. PATTI AND I WERE STUNNED .. by some local, Anchorage news.

Monday Evening, July the 8th, 2024.

A few hours ago, Patti picked up our local newspaper.

No! We don’t expect you to be able to see, let alone read, the details in the below photo.

Patti had only looked at it for a second or two, then in an alarmed tone of voice said to me,

“Cap!  The Anchorage Daily News, is stopping daily publication!”

“They will only publish Sunday and Wednesday editions.”

This means, that for the very first time in her many years of subscribing to her newspaper, Patti will not have a daily paper available in her life! This affects me because possibly only I truly know how much enjoyment Patti gets reading her newspapers. 

Stunning News to us! A very important part of our lives has just died!

Yes! We know! Yes, we truly understand why they are stopping daily publication and concentrating mostly on their digital media.

But acceptance of the financial facts does nothing to stop the feelings of disappointment that we both are feeling about the loss of Patti’s enjoyment of holding a newspaper in her hands. 

– – – – – – – –


It was “very slim pickings” for July the 9th. I was “curious” about the below “Day”. So here it is.

Call of the Horizon Day is celebrated annually on July 9.

It is an interesting event that is observed by seizing the day and looking into the horizon, enjoying the little moments, and concentrating on what matters most in life.

It is a day to help us start working towards our dreams by doing tasks that we keep procrastinating on or have yet to plan out. So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this special day to make the most of it.

So far sounds very upbeat and positive!

Although the origin of the Call of the Horizon Day is unclear, the holiday has reportedly been celebrated since 2011. Regardless, the horizon has always symbolized dreams, hopes, and opportunities in stories and movies since times immemorial because of its beauty and vastness. Horizons could also signify something unattainable or unfulfilled dreams that are out of reach. In the notable 1918 American play titled “Before the Horizon,” award-winner playwright Eugene O’Neill describes one of the main characters to be particularly drawn to the horizon, which to him represents freedom and adventure but never acting on his dream. The play won the 1920 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the tragic narrative that highlights how dreams are necessary to sustain one’s life.

Call of the Horizon Day has also been considered equivalent to Wanderlust Day in other countries. However, the concept of Wanderlust Day steers more towards travel and exploration. Striking more of a resemblance to World Dream Day initiated in 2012, Call of the Horizon Day is an empowerment-driven holiday to motivate people to pursue and manifest their dreams. Because our future is not ascertained anyway, this day is dedicated to focusing on our next move and planning our next project without reservations or equivocation. There is no better place to think big and move forward with our life choices with optimism than an open space with a grand view of the horizon.

A high enough place, a vast flat field, or an ocean is the best place to imagine our next moves and dream about our next adventure. A beautiful memory filled with promises to ourselves would create an even better memory.

A fun “Day”.

– – – – – – – –

Cap and Patti


  1. Kit Raye

    So sorry to hear about your newspaper. That is really sad. I read our Pioneer, which is shared with me by neighbors. I’d better pony up and get my own subscription.
    I sure like Horizon Day! Slowly getting past shingles fatigue, and on the upside now. Horizon Day will help me with that, so thank you.
    In the meantime Tim and I were able to do some fun things over the long weekend, as well as attend the Belle Fourche 104th rodeo. Always a fun time!
    The 4th was quiet with the animals just in case fireworks were blown (none were). Friday was spent at the barn in the morning. I’ve been working in the pasture doing more connection work with members of the herd, including my horse Chuntay.
    After a long nap, we went to hear the excellent band Blackhawk in Deadwood. Attended motocross racing in Deadwood Saturday where Tim’s 9 year old grandson placed 2nd on his 50cc. The trick riding and larger bike races were fantastic. Sunday I layed low while Tim finished staining his house outside. All in all a good time.
    Sorry about your paper Patti.
    Hope all is otherwise good.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      First Kit, this recent “bout” with shingles sure seems to have been a real challenge. Hopefully you will be past it before much longer. Happy you liked Horizon Day. It turned out to be a very nice day.
      Kit, the Times They ARE A Changing “says it all” about our local newspaper cutting back to two issues a week and who knows, if they will actually do that or stop printed newspapers all together. What a fun weekend with the Rodeo and so nice to hear Chuntay is still “in your life” Kit. A concert and some dirt bike racing as well. Wowie! All the while dealing with shingles fatigue! Thanks for a great comment Kit. Cap and Patti

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