Because of the serious potential downside of Video Games, we decided to begin with this “Day”.

National Video Game Day happens on July 8! Its cousin, National Video Games Day, is Sept. 12. Video games have exploded in popularity over the last few decades. They’re exciting, invigorating, and most importantly, they can be a fun way “to pass time”.

Video Games are not just for kids. Although Video Games are primarily used for recreational purposes, professional gaming leagues exist.

In 2022, the revenue from the worldwide gaming market was estimated at almost 347 Billion U.S. dollars. The mobile gaming market in the United States was estimated to be 248 billion U.S. dollars.

Yes! Yes indeed! There is a “serious downside” to Video Games.

The below Post of ours will show you what a nightmare Video Games can turn into for some people.


From Wikipedia..


There is sure much more than “meets the eye” about Video Games.

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Back Patti and I go “to the well on National Today” for another look at a topic that played well yesterday.


We look forward to National Chocolate with Almonds Day when it pops up on our calendar every July 8 and we celebrate one of the world’s most popular confections. We confess, this national day is not just another day we circle on our calendar. We also add this one to our to-do list for today so we don’t miss out. We know we really don’t need a special day on the calendar to indulge in one of our favorite guilty pleasures. But doesn’t having a day on the calendar to celebrate such a heavenly confection help negate the guilty part of a guilty pleasure? We think so. Today, we are indulging unashamedly because chocolate and almonds are incredibly satisfying. This makes us wonder if the reason we crave chocolate with almonds and find the combination so satisfying is because our bodies know what is good for us.

Chocolate and almonds both are separately documented to have heart health benefits. Which makes this day even sweeter. Chocolate and almonds naturally complement each other’s flavors and have been paired together by confectioners for close to two centuries. Adding to the taste pleasure is solid research confirming that eating chocolate with almonds appears to have a positive impact on heart health. 

We are not sure who first poured chocolate over almonds and declared the result not just good, but very good. But we do know that chocolate and almonds each have individual histories that validate our obsession with these nutrient-rich gifts from Mother Nature.

Chocolate dates back 4,000 years to Mexico and Central America where cocoa plants were initially cultivated. Mayan and Aztec civilizations first consumed chocolate as an unsweetened beverage and it was used as a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. It’s no wonder the Mayans happily worshipped a god of cacao and considered chocolate to be the “food of the gods.” Unfortunately for the common Mayan man, woman, and child, the bitter but delicate brew was reserved for rulers, warriors, and priests during sacred ceremonies. This sheds light on our own obsessive cravings for chocolate and comforts us to know it’s not just our imagination that eating chocolate makes us feel good.

Historical references to almonds indicate that the slightly sweet, fragrant tree nut has had religious, ethnic, and social significance dating back to ancient cultures. Historical references reveal that almonds were highly valued by ancient Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Spanish civilizations, as well as served to kings and Pharaohs. Almonds are recorded metaphorically in the Bible, symbolizing divine approval.

We have always suspected the pairing of chocolate with almonds to be of divine origin.

Maybe history is telling us we are onto something. Could it be that our insatiable human cravings for chocolate with almonds are written in our DNA? Even the ancients knew there was something otherworldly special about chocolate and almonds. Modern nutritional research confirms the special qualities of both almonds and chocolate that make each a source of benefits linked to improved heart health.

No! We are not going to even begin to include even one single, teeny weeny, Chocolate recipe!

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This “looked like fun”!

Today, July 8, stop what you are doing and immerse yourself in your childhood memories. Be a Kid Again Day. This special day is about taking a break from being an adult and going back to being the carefree kid you once were. It’s the perfect day to channel in your inner child and forget all the worries of the world — including your responsibilities and work pressures. The purpose of the day is to live these 24 hours to the fullest, without stressing about the future. Let out that joyful, innocent kid that’s still deep down there in all of us.

Be a Kid Again Day promotes an attitude and way of life that should be adopted by everyone on a permanent basis. This is because society demands adults to behave seriously and let go of anything that may be ‘childlike’. Psychology, on the other hand, says a youthful attitude is the key to eternal happiness. To break the rules of society, Be a Kid Again Day was formed. However, way before this special day came along, studies had been conducted on how being a child at heart can benefit people. Yes, you are as old as you feel, and still knowing how to indulge your inner child once in a while can actually have a positive impact on your vitality.

In 2009, a study was conducted to analyze the impact of being ‘psychologically young’ and how it can add to one’s quality of life. The results of the study that analyzed 100,000 women revealed that optimistic women were 30% less likely to die of heart disease than pessimists. The subject of positive psychology was further studied in 2014 and a paper published in the “American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine” concluded that maintaining a positive attitude reduces anxiety and depression.

Another study conducted in the North Carolina State University in 2016 revealed that people with a positive attitude towards aging felt less negative emotions and stress. “This tells us that the way we think about aging has very real consequences on how we respond to difficult situations when we’re older,” says Shevaun Neupert, one of the authors of the paper. “That affects our quality of life and may also have health ramifications.”

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Well I do have a BSCE (Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering) and this looked interesting to “Yours Truly”!

Math 2.0 Day celebrated every July 8, is a holiday that commemorates the importance of the combination of math and technology. The day was formed to celebrate the accomplishments made through the combination of the field of math and technology, and how it can benefit the world in the coming years. This means without math, it would have been impossible for us to be provided with the different travel and entertainment mediums we have today. Nor would we have the technology we use to accomplish several everyday work tasks. So if you love how easy technological innovations have made your life, celebrating Math 2.0 Day is a must! If you want to take it a step (much) further, you could even pursue a technology or math degree. And if you need funding for that, Scholaroo has you covered with these technology scholarships and mathematics scholarships.

Math 2.0 day was created in 2009 by the Math Interest Group. The group was created to promote and enable the use of math online. This is essential since math is critical for the advancement of technology, science, and education. The Math Interest Group also collaborates on research and development projects that focus on mathematics education required in the fields of finance, engineering, medicine, and even social sciences. Here’s how math has helped in the development of technological innovations.

Math has contributed to several discoveries for centuries. For instance, Pythagoras (570–495 B.C.) created the Pythagorean Theorem that helped in studying the planets. In the 17th century, Johannes Kepler used mathematical calculations to figure out the movement of comets and planetary orbits. And Isaac Newton also used calculations to prove the theory of gravitational attraction in the 1680s. Furthermore, William Rowan Hamilton did a lot of work in the early 19th century that was responsible for evolving quantum mechanics. This was followed by the “Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field” by James Clerk Maxwell in 1865. He created his theory by evaluating four equations that govern electromagnetism.

Not impressed yet? One of the greatest discoveries that may have helped in ending World War II, was also made with the use of math. Alan Turing, an English mathematician, formulated several difficult calculations to create a machine that could break German military codes. He later developed theoretical computer science, including algorithms and artificial intelligence. This was followed by the creation of a formula to forecast the weather by American mathematician and meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz in the mid-1950s.

Some fun “Math Tidbits”.

All odd numbers have the letter ‘e’ in them.

In 520A.D., Hindu mathematicians Aryabhata and Varamihara invent the numerical value zero (0). Zero is not represented in Roman numerals.

All numbers from zero to 999 don’t have an ‘a’ in them.

Math lovers across the world celebrate Pi Day every March 14. The number π (spelled out as “pi”) is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159.

O.K. Enough IS Enough.

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Cap and Patti


  1. Kathleen Brady

    I love these tidbits!!! (All odd numbers have the letter ‘e’ in them. All numbers from zero to 999 don’t have an ‘a’ in them.)

    I also love chocolate and almonds (together and separately). Costco sells Kirkland brand chocolate covered almonds. I can’t buy them because they are like crack to me. I will measure out one serving size into my little containers and put them up in the cabinet. I tell myself “one serving a day!” I take out one, savor each bite, then my brain starts screaming for more in a way that is hard to ignore. Just like my alcoholic addiction when I was drinking. So I no longer buy them. :-(. I buy 85%/90% bars chocolate bars which I enjoy but am satisfied with one or two squares.

    Enjoy your chocolate covered almonds!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks for you comment Kathleen. So happy that you got a kick out of some of the mathematical “tidbits”! We sure did. It’s a truth. If you don’t eat one of the Chocolate Covered Almonds, then you will NOT be eating all of, or most of, the rest of the Chocolate Covered Almonds! Smiles .. Cap and Patti

  2. Walter Wrahtz

    Hey Cap!
    Chocolate and almonds are a great combo, and almost as equally pleasurable individually. I continue to abstain given a long history of failure when it comes to being able to consume said items in a gentlemanly fashion. You my friend were able to navigate waters I’d drowned in. I say, God Bless You!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much W² for your checking in here and leaving a comment! I’m not sure of what waters I’ve navigated that you would drown in. But I’ll readily accept your blessings and that’s for sure. Sign me .. C²

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