Long ‘sigh’ !

What to do?  Write Nothing? Or do I Write Something? IF I Write Something do I sugar coat what I write and minimize it or do I tell-it-like-it-is?

The Sugar-Coated-Minimized-Edition of Writing Something:

There were some ‘complications’ today during my left eye cataract / eye lens replacement procedure.


IF THINGS WERE  TOO TERRIBLY BAD .. I WOULD NOT .. I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO .. PUT UP THIS POST.  So you can all ‘relax’ ! I am alive and feeling well-enough to do this Post.  I have absolutely no really bothersome pain .. my appetite is good .. and I am gulping fluids like crazy.  After coming home .. Patti and I enjoyed three hours of watching on television today’s first round of golf’s final ‘Major’ .. The PGA Tournament.

IF .. that BIG IF .. I want to maintain so much as a small-shard of credibility here on my Dot Net Web Site .. then I owe those of you following-along-here-with-me some ‘follow-up’ when I begin to share with you a theme or a mini-series.  I feel that I owe you some completion.  So here we go with an update chapter in the following mini-series.

My Cataract / Lens Replacement Mini-Series.

Today’s .. ‘Tell-It-Like-It-Is’ version of Writing Something.

Those of you who ‘have been with-me’ during the past several weeks know that last Thursday .. August 1st .. I had cataract eye-surgery.  You also know that I had a few ‘very challenging days’ (Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday to be precise) following surgery on my right eye.

And you who have ‘been with me’ all knew that today .. Thursday .. August 8th 2013 .. I was scheduled for .. and indeed had .. cataract surgery on my left eye.

Well it seems that during today’s operation upon my left eye .. there were some .. ahhhh .. ‘complications’.  Need I say that it is ‘sort-of-an-adventure’ to be lying flat on one’s back .. I would dare-to-say ‘fully conscious’ and ‘fully aware’ .. with your eye-surgeon doing-what-he does IN YOUR EYE .. and to realize that .. ‘complications have arisen’.  And you are absolutely totally powerless to do anything about it.

The ‘complication’ involved my left eye cornea.  It seems that after the cataract was removed and the new lens inserted .. the cornea decided to gravitate to the site of the wound.  Things .. Steps .. Measures .. were taken to ‘do-what-was-necessary’ to deal with this ‘complication.’

When I got into the Recovery Area and Patti arrived .. shrugging I said to Patti .. “There were complications.”  Patti said .. “I figured as much.  The operation was far longer than the 30-minutes that we were told it would be and I was debating asking the nursing staff ‘what-is-happening’ ? ”

Tomorrow .. Friday the 9th of August .. I will know more beginning at 10:10AM when I have my Post Operative visit with my surgeon.

With an absolute promise to let-you-know when I know-more .. I will sign off .. Cap

Share with me a few photographs of several nice town houses near the water here in Anchorage.  Oh My .. Such Beauty !