The below photo was taken of a rock formation on the Seward Highway (the one road) going south from Anchorage.  Patti and I were parked and relaxing at Beluga Point.  When I looked east the beauty of this rock formation caught my eye.  As happens .. the photograph does not quite capture the real-life scenery but one does one’s best.


OK!  An update on Patti’s medical challenge yesterday.

Today was Friday the 20th of September 2013 and at 10:45AM this morning Patti and I had a consultation with Patti’s doctor regarding her Gallbladder attack yesterday afternoon and evening.  I must say this .. Patti and I were lucky .. Patti and I were fortunate .. to be able to .. on an hour’s notice .. get personal one-to-one time with her doctor!

Yesterday .. at the end of the post .. I wrote the following:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It seems some 30 years ago Patti had the Gallbladder Attack From Hell.  NO surgery and 30 years passed with not-so-much-as-a-whimper from Patti’s gallbladder!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Patti’s doctor seized upon this fact and emphatically stated that .. in his opinion .. Patti would be well advised NOT TO HAVE SURGERY at this time.

He further stated that .. in his opinion .. Patti should wait until perhaps she has from 2 to 3 future gallbladder attacks before opting for surgical removal of her gallbladder.

And finally he stated that .. in his opinion .. the best time for gallbladder removal surgery is when the gallbladder is functioning normally and is not inflamed and irritated.  When the gallbladder is functioning normally there are far fewer risks for surgical complications should one elect the surgical removal option.

LAST NIGHT IN THE E.R. the staff were actually considering recommending surgery last night .. right then-and-there!  But no doctor was available.

In her discharge paperwork .. the E.R. staff wrote .. and also advised us in-person .. that today Patti telephone a surgeon they recommended and with whom they had consulted to confirm his availability.  And further to see him next Monday the 23rd of Sepember.

Patti and I were advised by Patti’s doctor that the surgeon recommended by the E.R. staff was an associate of his and that he himself (Patti’s doctor) uses for his patients.  This was very reassuring to Patti and myself.

When Patti and I returned home from the visit to her doctor .. she had a message from the surgeon’s office confirming the E.R. had indeed contacted them and for us to call their office.

Patti and I will meet with him for a consultation next Monday per the E.R. recommendation.

AND Patti fully intends to NOT opt for surgery until she knows more about the future behavior of her gallbladder.  The future gallbladder attack could be .. based upon the past attack .. 30 or more years away!  This being said .. a consultation is a valuable piece of the puzzle and one we appreciate.

Because of the ‘beating’ her body took yesterday .. today was a low energy day for Patti.  She rested and spent considerable time in bed.

The absoute highlight of the day was a one hour visit late this afternoon from her beloved younger brother .. visiting Alaska for the first time in basically 26 years.  It was her younger brother who snapped the photos of Patti and I that I posted yesterday here and over at Blogspot!  He and his most-special-lady arrived last Sunday and leave this Sunday.  A very special time for all of us.

As I conclude .. Patti is again sleeping.  She went into the bedroom to telephone Gullible and .. fell sound asleep!

Make no mistake .. Today it is ..

SMILES FROM Patti and Cap ..

Post Script .. today Patti read .. and approved of .. yesterday’s post ..

The below photo is to the immediate left of the photo at the top of this post.