SEP 19, 13 .. WELL? .. A DAY FROM HELL?

In the two below photos is a man that even I do not recognize!


Nice photo I think!  Two happy people I think!  Could things be better?  What is it that ‘they say in the rooms’?


Today is Thursday the 19th of September 2013.  This will be brutally honest!

Patti and I got up. So far so good! We got to her 10:45AM Doctor’s appointment. Her severe headaches are stress related. Her lungs are clear (per a chest X-Ray and two appointments where her Doctor listened to her lungs). So we are (supposedly) not-to-worry about a nagging bothersome worrying ‘smokers-type-cough’ that has just hung-on for months now.

So far so good!

We then went to a noon meeting.  It was a good meeting.  We got there early and enjoyed some nice pre-meeting visiting and we stayed after the meeting for more ‘fellowshipping’.

So far so good!

Home we came.

At 2PM Patti and I shared* a bowl of cantelope pieces and honeydew mellon pieces with a large ‘dollop’ of non-fat plain Greek Yogurt on top. I mean are we ‘into health’? What could be more healthy?

*That we shared .. that we both ate from the fruit bowl comes-into-play later ..

So far so good!

2:10PM Patti pushed the half-eaten bowl of fruit aside saying “I feel stuffed and cannot eat one more bite.”

2:12PM Patti said .. “I am going to be sick!”


Once .. twice .. thrice .. four times ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It had to be ‘food-poisioning’!  What else? Eat and vomit in a few minutes!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

2:50PM .. AGAINST MY SUGGESTION .. that we stay home!  Off we went to a funeral-memorial service for a recently departed friend.

During our twenty-minute drive to the church .. en route Patti contined to vomit and to vomit and to vomit into a bag I insisted she take with us!

I was pissed! I was upset! I said “Patti this is insane!”

At the church Patti saw the wife of the deceased and we headed home without attending the service.

During our twenty-minute drive home from the church .. Patti contined to try to vomit and to vomit and to vomit into the bag!  Very little came up .. the ‘Dry Heaves’!

At the condo .. on her hands and on her knees .. Patti continued to try to vomit. Horrible .. gut-wrenching .. ‘Dry Heaves’!

I got on the Internet.  WebMD. Mayo Clinic. Health Central.

I called my own Health Insurance Nurse service.  I called Patti’s Health Insurance Nurse service.

6PM .. Patti said .. “The PAIN IS SO BAD THAT I am ready to go to the Emergency Room.”

Wearing her night-gown only .. slippers on her feet .. wrapped-in-a-blanket .. off we went to the ER.  She could NOT get dressed.  I told you .. it was bad!


Blood work .. hands-on exams .. you-name-it exams/procedures .. a pill for pain .. an injection for pain .. something else for pain .. RELIEF from the pain! .. questions .. “Did you both eat the fruit?  Yes Sir you did and you did not get sick but Patti got sick .. hummmm!”

An EKG .. An Ultra-Sound examination of the liver and kidneys and gallbladder and pancreas and spleen ..

Conclusion: Gall Stones and “You need surgery to remove your gallbladder.”

N-O-W this evening.

Patti said .. “EEE-GADS!”  I said .. “Let’s talk options!”  The Doctor said .. “Stainless Steel.” .. I said .. “Stainless Steel?” .. He said .. “Surgery.”

Long chat Patti and I.  It seems some 30 years ago Patti had the Gallbladder Attack From Hell.  NO surgery and 30 years passed with not-so-much-as-a-whimper from Patti’s gallbladder!

The Doctor said .. “We have no surgeon available this evening.” .. “Here is a name .. call him tomorrow and see him Monday.”

I said to myself and to Patti .. “GOOD.  We can see what happens tomorrow and over the weekend.  We will see your Doctor tomorrow Friday the 20th.  We will ‘think-on-this’.”

10:30PM.  Home.


Sounds like it to Patti and to myself.

I am not sure I will have Patti ‘proof-read-this’.  This is an honest .. no frills .. factual .. according-to-my-reality writing.  Besides .. in bed in the other room Patti is not feeling too-chipper.

We never know do we? .. Cap ..