OCT 4, 11 (1/4) .. For What It’s Worth

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Here we have nine (9) photos taken in the area of Calcutta known as DALHOUSIE SQUARE.. this is the very heart and soul of downtown Calcutta.. and it is a show place of sorts.. the lake is beautiful (see the extreme left and right photos in the top row above..  the third from the left  in the second row.. and the photo in the bottom row ).. DALHOUSIE SQUARE ! .. it ranks a solid ..  AH-H-H-H..

The two photos in the top row on the left.. and at the right end of the second row.. see the building with the white dome.. are of the Calcutta General Post Office or the GPO as the all of the Main Post Offices in a city are known throughout India.. I absolutely love to look at this particular unique GPO here in Calcutta.. whenever I get near her.. she whispers.. “Dad.. take my picture again!” .. and so I have .. the Calcutta GPO truly is magnificent and a sort of ‘home’ for me because I purchase my philatelic stamps at this GPO and post registered and speed post mail at the GPO also..

The other two photos in the top row.. on the right of the GPO and the first photo on the left end of the second row are of Saint Andrews Church.. the Church of North India.. read Anglican from the English occupation .. and Saint Andrew’s is a very famous LANDMARK  in the Dalhousie Square area.. IF you will look very closely.. you can also see Saint Andrew’s Church at the right edge of photo 9, the single photo in the bottom row..

The seventh photo.. third from the left in the second row.. looks across the lake at Dahousie Square at the Calcutta Main Telephone and Telegraph Headquarters..  a location that.. for years.. I placed my overseas telephone calls..

The last (or ninth) photo looks across the lake towards DALHOUSIE SQUARE.. again.. at the extreme right margin of this photo you will see Saint Andrew’s Church’s Steeple.. what a STUNNING AND ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT scene it all is ..